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Monday, May 2nd, 2016
2:48 am - Maybe...

I might do a photo project on childhood toys that were important to me. I don't think I'll dig them all out, since some of the smalls are in my inaccessible drawer, but I'm going to make a list here to remind me which ones to shoot.

-Barbie: Sweet Roses PJ, Rockers Dana and Derek, Dance Club Kayla
-Rose Petal Place Iris
-Chipmunks/Chipettes poseables
-SSC Raspberry and Lime
-Star Fairies Whisper
-Sylvanian Families
-Rainbow Brite
-Pretty Little Pups
-Cozyheart Penguin
-Battle Beasts

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Sunday, May 1st, 2016
8:05 pm - FS: Pokemon

Collapse )

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Saturday, April 30th, 2016
4:14 pm - It boggles the mind.

I am continually amazed by how stupid people are being about the MH flashback.


Like how is that hard? We do not know the whole story behind why they're doing this. People seem to be going by that poorly-worded video and thinking they made them look sweeter based on kids and parents? But they might just need to look younger, because, oh, I dunno, it's a FLASHBACK story and THEY ARE YOUNGER. We don't know yet. Because like Jon Snow, we know nothing. Or rather, we know so little that we may as well just say we know nothing.

2) *whine* The quality has gone down.

Oh, what you mean is that not everything is for you now. That's really what you mean to say. Because the quality has not "gone down" with the unarticulated dolls or the ones with molded on clothes and shoes. It has simply changed focus. The line has expanded itself to include a younger audience. I'm a bit flabbergasted as to why the box on the super basic dolls says 6+ when clearly these are meant for much younger than that. But then, I don't know toy laws and don't profess to. Now if the quality is less on the dolls like that Nefera 2-pack or Shriek-Wrecked or any of the more articulated, more detailed lines, then this is a legit complaint. But the expansion of the line to include simpler dolls meant for younger children does not mean the quality has gone down.

3) *whine* Change is bad and everyone hates it.

Oh, wow, you know everyone? Like every single person on the planet? That must be exhausting. Guess what. I don't hate it. So you're automatically incorrect. Also, grow up. Change is not necessarily a bad thing and you need to give it a chance before truly judging. How do you people survive in daily life? Because change is a thing. And we all have to deal with it. Again, we do not know the big picture, but what I do know is that MH sales are down. The line has been around for 6 years now, which is pretty long-lived in Toy World. And I'm sure most people have noticed a decline in sales. The same dolls have been sitting in my stores for months. Barely any have sold. This is when you NEED to change things up and try something new. Would you really just want the line to disappear without them even trying something to save it? I've seen people use the tired old "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" line, but it IS broken. Poor sales indicate that.

4) *bluster* I'm an adult and I have more money than children and my money matters so I need to have a say in everything. Why doesn't Mattel cater to my every need?

If you're an adult, ACT LIKE ONE. Because that is a child's entitlement tantrum right there.

I can't wait for these to fully release so I can watch the morons backpedal or try to bitch on my Flickr and I can gleefully block them. I've already unfollowed one person on Tumblr and one on Flickr for pulling some of this entitled bullshit.

As a matter of fact, I think I will stop at Walmart after work and see if they have the new $5 budgets. Those ballet EAH ones are actually really cute.

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Friday, April 29th, 2016
3:08 am - Update

Instead of referencing every issue I wrote about yesterday, I added updates in bold on each situation:

Basically, one has good news, one has bad (so far) news.

I'm off tomorrow and I really need to debox my Fierce Rockers. They've been sitting there for a couple weeks, I think. No idea what else I'm gonna do.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2016
1:23 am - Argh

People have been maximum dumb lately. Here's what I'm dealing with.

-Purchased ebay item 4/21. Tracking number provided 4/21. Actual shipping date? Today.

UPDATE: It's traveling through Arizona.

-Purchased ebay item 4/22. Tracking number provided 4/22. Actual shipping date? HAS NOT HAPPENED YET.

UPDATE: I contacted the seller today and she's perplexed, because the package was supposedly shipped with a bunch of others on Saturday the 23rd. She's going to the post office to look into this, but I hope she kept a receipt, because the tracking number I have only shows a label printed, no acceptance at any post office. I wasn't too worried about this, because there's another of these items, just slightly more expensive, on ebay, but then I realized it's from the same seller I had an issue with making offers on a different character from the same line...only this is the same bad seller under a second ID. Why do you have two ebay IDs? SUSPICIOUS. The only others of these two characters are like $20 more, so we'll see what happens here. I hope she has more info tomorrow. I am in touch with the designer of these plushies though and have my two favorites on the way from him with plans to buy a purse from the same line, so I could add some more plushies on to there. I'll get them eventually.

-Arranged trade. Said I would send out my end last Tuesday (not yesterday, but last week). Had something come up, said I'd send Wednesday. Partner was fine with it. Days go by. I do not receive my end. Ask about it. Hasn't been fucking shipped yet, because person lives in boonies and has no car. I bite my tongue, because I actually already have the item I'm trading for now, but say they can either ship it soon or pay me if that's easier and politely inform them that this information is REALLY UTTERLY CRUCIAL when you're looking to trade with people. This type of info NEEDS to be provided in your WTT posts. You NEED to be up front with people or you will get a rep as a bad trader RIGHT FUCKING QUICK. Most people are not as easygoing and understanding as me, but I need communication. NEED IT. It is like the air. I require it. Anyone who is buying, selling or trading cannot ever communicate too mch, I swear. Keep me posted of every step. That's great. That's fine. Just keep me posted.

UPDATE: None yet.

-Won 3 Li'l Zelfs on ebay on 4/23. Requested total the next day. Heard nothing. Sent message yesterday? Or maybe today? Heard nothing. Requested total again tonight. Another person who bought from the same batch already received theirs. Like what the fuck, don't you want your money? Do you not like money? Why would you ignore your buyer? I do not get it. But I will be calling ebay to step in if I don't hear something in a couple days, because I'm not getting a non-paying bidder mark over this. I'm not paying someone that won't give me a total or talk to me. That does not seem like a wise idea. They do not get my money until I get some communication. Asshat.

UPDATE: She contacted me this morning and sent the invoice. Said she hadn't seen my previous request total message. Or apparently, my other actual message. Sigh. But contact made and items paid for.

-Won 4 Yowie plushies today and was sent an invoice that said $25 for 1st Class shipping. Hold the phone. How in the world do you think 1st Class could ever be TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS? Also, these are four eight-inch tall plushies with fat asses. There is no way they weigh less than 13 ounces, which is the limit for 1st Class. I asked for them to please do better on shipping, because these should be able to fit in a Large Flat Rate box, which provides a free shipping box that gets them to me safely (not an overstuffed plastic envelope or something), tracked and insured for $18.75. And even that, in my opinion, is overpaying for shipping. So he's going to get a box and see if they fit. If they don't, I guess I'll pay the $25, but when they get here, I am weighing that box and calculating shipping and asking where the extra $____ went because believe you me, that box will not cost $25. And I have a Large Flat Rate here at home, so I will be seeing myself if they fit or not.

UPDATE: Heard nothing today. I plan on writing him tomorrow to say that if it's more convenient, I'll pay the $25 and he can just refund me the difference after they've shipped. I really want these. I'll overpay if I have to. But still...

On the other hand, we've got awesome overly trusting artist guy, who I'm buying 2 plush from and he said "Just add on some extra for shipping." Like...just extra? Any extra? Like fifty cents? Being well-equipped and well-mannered, I asked for his zipcode, weighed the similar plush I have, multiplied by two and calculated shipping myself, so I don't undercharge him. He's cool though. I'm very grateful for his help and I'll provide more info once they arrive and I get some pics taken.

UPDATE: Paid! So excited.

But yeah, he is a bright light shining out of a sea of dumbass darkness lately. I haven't had this many issues with poor service all together in a long time.

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Monday, April 25th, 2016
3:46 am - Yay!

I won my first Jossie doll on ebay! I may never get another, because not many pop up on ebay, but I got this one:

No clothes, just the nude doll, but I'm going to see what I have that fits her, then import her a pair of shoes, since I'm not sure I have any of those that will work. Although I might. I do have a lot of shoes. We'll see.

She wasn't one of the 3 I had picked out for my want list, but her short silver bob, pretty blue eyes and cute mouth make her a lot better than other options. I mean, I knew this seller had one more and being that it's a rare Japanese doll from a US seller, I would have bought any one they put up, so this is as close to ideal as I could have hoped, because while not Top 3, she is way better than so many of the other ones. Another bidder popped up during the last 4 seconds, but I still got her for $26 plus shipping. A very sweet deal.

She'll likely be my only doll purchase for awhile, unless I get Jodi from Make It Pop to go along with my Sun-Hi and Corki. But I will likely wait to pick up Jodi either on sale or with my next rewards coupon. I've mostly been buying plush (a couple ragdolls, Gooli Monsters, a Sugar Loaf bird, Destiny from Finding Dory), Yowie stuff and 3 Li'l Zelfs. I have one other doll coming, Millennium Ball Stella from Italy, but I plan to start saving and get something bigger next.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016
12:35 pm - Sigh

Shitty images of the upcoming MH fashion packs have leaked and the whiners are in full whine.

"It's all recycled pieces wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Dude, when is the last fucking time we got a fashion pack?

You all were cunting up a storm about how we never get fashion packs anymore. It's because all the other ones shelf sat except for that one club series that could never be found regularly. Stores stopped picking them up. Now they are back so quit your motherfuckin' bitching and be happy we got something you whined for for years.

Yes, some of the pieces are the same shoes and stuff we've had before.




Do you know who isn't going to notice? The target market, because the ones who would have had more of those older pieces have likely aged out of MH already. Which is part of the reason for the flashback. (I'm calling it a flashback, because it's not a proven reboot yet.)

Also, tons of those shoes are awesome and look great in multiple colors. Do you know how many styles of shoes I had growing up with Barbie? Like three. Four if you count the ballet slippers with the straps that were IMPOSSIBLE.

I fucking hate modern day collectors. MH was groundbreaking, but DO FUCKING NOT EXPECT EVERY GODDAMN LINE ON THE SHELVES TO HOLD TO MH. Not all shoes have to be unique. Not all dolls need MH-level articulation. They are ONE LINE. They did not create some standard all dolls have to be exactly like or be deemed unworthy. Fucking stupid ungrateful spoiled little twats.

I wrote that talking point post yesterday, thanks to people whining about EAH and other lines, but this FULLY exemplifies why it is better to have something and not nothing. And people should shut the fuck up and be appreciative that at least Mattel got the stores to try packs again. Now they're all going to be whiny babies and not buy them, so enjoy them while they last, people. By not putting your money where your constantly fucking running mouths are you will never get more of your precious packs again.

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12:40 am - Flickr update!

Lots of new pics in Flickr. The Yowies will take you there.

Yowie 1

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Monday, April 18th, 2016
3:25 pm - Talking point

Is it better a piece of merchandise exists and is flawed in some way (i.e. inaccurate to the character design, doesn't match the more detailed prototype, problematic on some minor level)


is it better to have nothing if it can't be perfect?


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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
2:26 am - Quickie update

Summer Liu 3

Brief Flickr update with Liu and some artist rag dolls!

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Sunday, April 10th, 2016
3:23 am - It's done! Sorta.

Lybo Rey 1

One of my three cute new ragdolls that arrived today.

But lo and behold, feast your eyes upon the completed reorganzation of my Plushie Mountain!

4 2016 7

This took so looooooooooooooooooooong. But it's done! Mostly. I need to buy another big shelving unit, build it, put it at the end where the bears are, and move the small one into my closet. Bears and Egyptian plush stuff on the big one, ragdolls likely where Shades and Graeme currently are. And below, too. I want to keep my handmade and more expensive ones away from Plushie Mountain so they're safer. Then the small one will hold all the books that currently reside in my closet waiting to be read and my large Lalaloopsys can sit in front of them. And the small ones, too, maybe.

Yay, progress. I feel so accomplished. Then after all that, I get to organize the closet. Whee.

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2:10 am - Also, somewhat related.

I got distracted last post when I mentioned Little Miss Matched. You see, I used to have three.
LMM Hadley, Aster and Darby

The blonde was the original QVC exclusive, then Uptown Girl (redhead) and Rocker Girl (brunette) were bought at TRU. In the pre-move panic, all three of them got donated. And I missed them after things settled down and we were moved in, but I never rebought them. When I mentioned the brushes just now, I looked them up on ebay and prices are pretty yikes ($70 for a boxed doll). But then I wisely Googled them.


LittleMissMatched.com has them still in stock.


And not just one, but three out of the four, including Rocker, who was the most popular one:



I bought all 3 and got free shipping and a free gift. My LMM girls are coming back home! Maybe eventually Artsy will join them, too.

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1:51 am - How do you rank doll tidbits?

I see a lot of this complaining on Tumblr and there seem to be teams of people that like and dislike certain things.

Here are my opinions...

STANDS: The most useless doll accessory ever. How many dolls do I have that come with stands? Hundreds. How many do I use? A couple dozen maybe? I use stands mostly for my 80s dolls, like Moon Dreamers and Rose Petal Place. Rose Petal stands are super fucking cute and fit the theme of the dolls well. And I use them on dolls with specific issues, like my few porcelains, the delicate Girls of Many Lands and the Lum dolls with their oddly tilted feet. But I routinely sell off my EAH and MH stands because they are boring as fuck. The MH stands used to be cool when they remembered different colors existed and many kudos to the Haunted floating stands. Those rock. But the plain black over and over? Nope. Boring. Ditto EAH. I liked the original full-colored ones for Maddie, etc., but they quickly stopped. Stands are fine for those people who either don't collect on the scale that I do (because they take up 2-3 times as much display space as no stands) or who have multiple doll rooms. They do nothing for me though.

BRUSHES: The second most useless doll accessory ever, because most of them suck. I've had doll brushes and combs since I began collecting as a kid and only a couple are worth note. Hasbro's Maxie had the original awesome brush. It worked super well and for years, I kept the one from the Slumber Party Ashley to use on all my dolls. Bratz also had a great brush with the rectangular one. Not the stars or the lips, but the big honkin' rectangular brush with the good-sized handle. That one replaced my Maxie brush for the next several years once I first got one. Little Miss Matched also had great brushes and I used one of those until the bristles started coming out. After we moved, I switched to an actual people brush I got at Target (that looks like the LMM brush only bigger) and that's worked nicely. Some brushes and combs have really cute designs and that makes me forgive them for being useless. 80s ones especially, like Rose Petal, SSC, Fashion Star Fillies and MLP, but Novi Stars had cute useless brushes, too. Mostly though, brushes are uninspired in design and are the same doll after doll after doll. I leave them in the box and toss everything.

JEWELRY: This is my favorite. I love tiny doll jewelry. Rings are probably my fave, since you don't see them often. EAH had the best ones, but their ability to fall off was unparalleled. They were starting to fix that right before they dropped the rings entirely. One of my fave doll rings is actually Generation Girl Dance Party Tori's because it's a thumb ring that is molded right onto her hand. There's no losing that sucker and it's distinctive and awesome. 1st edition Chelsie from the same line has a lovely black and silver square ring, too. Gen Girl had great jewelry. Hasbro's Maxie had an adorable array of earrings and Barbie and the Rockers had their neon jelly bracelets. Those are some of my fave doll bracelets ever. The Misfits' spiked gold bracelets were badass. EAH and MH win for design quality. Some of the pieces for Cleo. I mean, where are they in my size? And Thronecoming Cupid's earrings? Amaze.

PURSES: Purses are my second fave. I don't like it if they're a single-colored chunk that won't open, but I've hoarded some excellent doll purses, both plastic and fabric, over the years. My Scene and Lollipop Girls had great purses. MH and EAH, when they choose to amp the quality, have great purses.

So when it comes down to it, I would rather have a doll with jewelry and a decent purse and ditch the brush/comb and stand.

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Saturday, April 9th, 2016
3:51 am - Whee

Three new soft dolls should be here tomorrow.

New Liu from better seller should be here Tuesday.

Wee Beasties Manticore should be...sometime in the next week, I think. I have no tracking number.

Ditto on two other ragdolls I bought on ebay. No tracking, but should be here within a week.

I never should have made my ragdoll followed search on ebay. It gets me in trouble!

And tonight, I ordered these:

I've been wanting that Jasmine for awhile, but she wasn't in stock when I ordered Mulan, so I put an alert on her. It came in a couple days ago, but I didn't buy her, so tonight I went to look at her, saw she was on sale and got her, using my $5 coupon. And since shipping is free over $19 and the Ariel set was on sale, too, I picked it up also. I love me some Attina and Aquata is pretty cool, too, but mostly ATTINA.

If anyone wants that Ariel, let me know. I really just want Attina and Aquata.

I always thought this line was cute, but the lack of my faves kept me from ever buying any. At least I have Mulan and Jasmine now, plus the added bonus of mersisters.

That about does it for my fun money! Bills time. Sigh. Maybe someday I can start saving for another Azone.

I suck so hard at saving. Heh.

Hey! One of my Pokemon just sold for $50! That was unexpected, considering that one had no watchers. I'll set that money aside for my next Azone. That worked out well.

Okay, bed soon.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2016
9:42 pm - Final remarks on Paola Reina America

The guy called me at noon yesterday, saying they only have 1 Summer Liu in stock (despite the website saying 2) and she had a scratched eye. He sent me 2 pics of Lius they did have, both of which have long hair. I declined to purchase either and asked for a refund.

Did not hear anything back or get my money back all day.

I wrote at 11am today, asking to please have my refund.

I had not heard anything by 7pm, so I went to Paypal. The only time this guy replies is when I write on Paypal, so I wrote and said I'd like my refund, I didn't like being ignored and I was disappointed in their false advertising that they said they had 2 dolls, but it turned out to be only one defective one and now my order couldn't be filled. I said if I didn't have my refund tomorrow, I would escalate the case to a claim.

Then I took a nap. When I woke up a few minutes ago, lo and behold, I had my refund and the case is now closed. He left a message there saying:
1) He's emailed me 3 times and to check my spam, basically blaming me for not seeing the emails. No, nothing is there. I have Gmail. It's pretty good. There is nothing wrong on my end.
2) He spent an hour trying to locate the Summer Liu from his vendors. No. He didn't tell me he was doing that. All he told me was that I could choose between the 2 long-haired ones.
3) The website wasn't false advertising. Perhaps not deliberate false advertising, but it said 2 and you have 1. That is indeed a falsehood. It's improper website management.
4) Be glad I didn't send you a defective product. Yes, I do appreciate that. Don't think it wouldn't have headed right back to you though, if I had received it and it really was that bad.
5) This is the first refund they've done in 3 years. Bully for you, gimme my bucks.

The italics aren't exact quotes, of course, just summaries. I sent an email replying to some of those points in a more polite manner than my sass here.

And additional lo and behold, as I was typing this, I got a new message from him. Yes, he sent an email and I received it. Seems to me like someone was lying about emailing me 3 times.

So his excuse is that the business is run by him and his mother, who is not well lately, and he has a full-time job. Their main business is not online, it's distributing to others. (Which is not made clear anywhere and they advertise themselves as the only source for these dolls in America.) They only ship from their warehouse twice a week, which is something that should be made clear on the site, but isn't. Blah blah blah. He suggests a certain seller for me to get them from and offers me free shipping if I ever decided to come back to him. Yeah, you wanna be nice to me now, because I said had this gone well, I would have bought almost all the damn monster dolls. You missed out on big money, pal.

Long story short: Skip buying from this website.

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2016
11:19 am - Don't buy from Paola Reina America!

I ordered my Liu on the 26th and she's still processing. I can't get them to reply to my emails, so I opened a Paypal dispute. Maybe they'll respond to that.

But do not place any orders on the Paola Reina America website. I don't know what's going on, but it seemed to still be functional, yet a) where is my doll? and b) why won't they answer?

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2016
3:07 pm - Hooked!

Little Witch of the Moon 4

Little Witch of the Moon arrived today and MAN, this is a doll! Like people bitch about "not getting their money's worth" when EAH dolls don't have bracelets but still cost $19.99. Well, I don't think they've ever experienced what they can get for five times that. I mean, yeah, it's expensive, but the level of quality is AMAZING. If you handled one of these, you'd realize just how little you are really getting for $20. But shh. I don't want to let them know, because then they'd bitch even more! Ha.

Lien comes with actual fabric panties (not painted on!), stockings, boots, dress, sleeves, collar and bows. Her sleeves are separate to make it really easy to remove her arms and to give the outfit some versatility. The boots and dress have actual tiny zippers, the collar is held together with a real metal clasp, and the bows even have snaps on them, no shitty, will eventually stretch out elastic.

She also comes with different hands you can change out. Guess how many pairs of hands she comes with.



Her hair is silky and cut perfectly. The color is gorgeous. Her sleepy-eyed face is adorable. Her moon wand is stunningly gorgeous.

I cannot give this doll a high enough review. She is one of the most detailed 1/6 scale dolls I have ever seen. Which I should have expected, because Azone clothing is excellent quality.

I'm totally in love with her and I am planning on saving up for another ASAP!

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Friday, April 1st, 2016
1:06 am - Disappointed with sellers lately.

The first one on etsy got paid on 19th, which was the day before Easter. I was really excited to receive the items and kept hoping they'd ship on Monday or Tuesday. Nope. Didn't ship 'til Wednesday. Thankfully, I got them Saturday, but I was still a bit miffed.

The current etsy seller got paid on Thursday. She was away at a convention, but there was a message left saying shipping would resume Monday. Well, it's Thursday. My label got created on Wednesday and USPS has something about pre-shipment at midnight on the 30th, but my package seems to be in some sort of limbo. The seller says she dropped it off yesterday, but there's no acceptance scan or anything. It better not be fucking lost and if it is, she better replace it or refund me. $78 plus shipping is not chump change, nor should I have had to wait this long for a purchase that size to be shipped.

If you make as much money as these people on etsy do, at least ship promptly. I'm a pretty highly-ranked seller on ebay, I work full-time on top of that, AND I still manage to ship in 2 business days at most. Lots of times, it's the next day, unless the post office isn't open. If you can only ship one day a week or something, say so.

Then there's my Paola Reina order, which is still "processing." I didn't expect it to go anywhere before Monday, since they use UPS, but here it is Friday and Liu has not shipped.

I have cool shit coming and I want it, dammit. Service should be better than this.

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Monday, March 28th, 2016
1:21 am - Pricier future purchases

I have my eye on some more expensive stuff, so I thought I'd straighten out my thoughts here.

I'm aiming for the 5 inhuman skintone monster girls. I saw boxed pics and owner pics of some of the more regular girls I'd had on my wishlist and the ones without bangs are kinda no. The only one without bangs that pulls it off is Monster Rosa.

I've wanted one of these for years and never gotten around to finally getting one. I love the witch series, but I'm looking at this one right now to be my first:
Or this one:
Or this one:
I also love these two, but only after the first three have been acquired:

This is Momoko's little sister. Not a line I need a ton of, but I'd like one to stand with my other Momokos.

Okay, I only just learned about those while looking at Rurukos. OMG they are so weird. I love them.

Definitely keeping an eye out for Jossies on ebay, but starting to save for a witch Neemo. I'm holding off on more Paolas until I get Liu here to check her out.

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Saturday, March 26th, 2016
3:19 am - My unpopular opinions

-I'm sick of hearing about articulation. It is not that big a fucking deal. I have loads of awesome dolls that can't bend their elbows or knees.

-I love Meeshell's shoes. Yeah, there's something creepy about them, but that's what I like.

-I think the new EAH sig dolls are just fine at $19.99. That's comparable to other dolls on the shelves with the same amount of stuff. Just because they used to have more detail at the same price doesn't mean prices will always stay that way. You get less for the same amount of money as time passes.

-I don't care that there are new MH fashion packs coming. I have a box full of extra clothes that none of my dolls are wearing and I barely change anyone out of stock anymore.

-Ghoulia is not being replaced by Moanica.

-Just because only a few characters are part of the 2016 lines SO FAR does not mean they are gone forever.

-Just stop panicking in general.

-Frightmares are awesome.

-Molded on clothing is not that big a deal and won't stop me from buying a doll. Like Daring's existence and having a proper smile are more important to me than his having plastic pants and shoes that don't come off.

-Likewise, I think Daring's molded hair looks a zillion times better than Alistair and Dexter's rooted hair.

-The Hasbro Disney dolls are fine for the most part.

-Collector Skelita is awesome. Who cares if her nose isn't black?

I think that's it for now. This is the sort of thing that builds up in my head after skimming Tumblr for too long.

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