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Thursday, October 20th, 2016
10:41 am - G3 progress

Thought I'd do an update on my G3 wishlist, seen here:


Desert Palm

September Aster

February Violet


Alphabittle: Missed the boxed one, bidding on a loose one.

Autumn Skye: The Desert Palm seller has one loose.

Citrus Sweetheart: Desert Palm seller has her boxed.

Kimono: Desert Palm seller has her loose.

Sunshimmer: Desert Palm seller has her loose.

They said they'd get those listed next week, so yay.

May Buy Soon:

Candy Cane

August Gladiolus

Not Looking for Yet:


Tropical Surprise


Art Pony Underwater

The other birthflowers

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9:10 am - MH Minis Ranking Part 1

I got up early, because I didn't feel well, so one of the things I distracted myself with was ranking my current MH minis collection. I did it by series and will eventually rank all of Series 1 by both series and overall.

So this is Waves 1-3. No Halloween ones. No Space Frankie because I don't have the carrying case yet.
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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
6:20 am - G3 wishlist

I'm not quite sleepy yet, so I figured I'd blab about G3s a moment. I put up pics of all 19 of my remaining G3s (I used to have dozens) in Flickr:

G3 2003 Butterscotch

And then I made a little wishlist of them. It's a modest 13 ponies with some others as "someday if I finish the first 13."
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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
5:08 am - Been awhile!

It's been a bit since I posted here. Most of my toy stuff goes into my VVD blog and the occasional ramblings I've put in my regular journal, but I think it's time to try to organize a wishlist.
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Sunday, September 18th, 2016
10:37 pm - Sales post

I'm getting thoroughly annoyed with morons on ebay, so I figured I'd throw some stuff up here. I'm not listing prices for the most part. If you're interested in something, let me know and we can come to a fair deal.

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Thursday, September 8th, 2016
11:38 am - Flashin' back to 2008

Hanaayame 1

I don't know how Tuesday Morning gets these things, but Hanaayame here was the Dal for July 2008.

I haven't had a new Dal in many years. I found that Tiger Lily Byul at Tuesday Morning in 2013, I think it was, but I sold her a year or so ago. I only have Serpent, Principessa, Spider and Adsiltia left. I think everyone else finally found new homes. But for $40, I will happily bring home this lovely lady, who used to be on my wishlist, because I thought she'd make a good sister for Helewise (Dal Sooni).

I still have yet to see a Hestia or J-Doll at Tuesday Morning, but maybe someday! My store at home got that one shipment with the Disney collab dolls (Peter Pan, plus the Dumbo one and maybe one other?), and down here, I've seen the little vinyl BJDs twice. Ai dolls. Yeah, that's it. And now this eight-year-old Dal and one mini Dal that sadly, was not cute enough, not even for $10. I don't need a SWAT team Little Dal.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
6:37 am - YES.

I have been regretting selling my Peppermint Rose collection years ago. Not the vinyl bunnies or the white plush one (I kept the lavender and pink plush), but the dolls for sure. Well, a couple weeks ago, I put the search on my ebay saved searches and just a few minutes ago, I became the very squealy proud owner of a NRFB Peppermint Rose for $19.99. YES. SO YES. I may not ever be able to afford Vanilla Daisy and Lemon Kiss Lily again and definitely not Merry Mint Violet, but at least Peppermint Rose will return to my shelves.

ETA: Actually, so will Vanilla, just not complete. I found her on etsy with her earrings, necklace and bodysuit for only $8 shipped. Mine. She was my fave, despite being the most boringly-dressed one. I'm a sucker for brown eyes and auburn hair. What can I say?

current mood: bouncy

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Monday, September 5th, 2016
5:17 am - BEGoths wishlist

I got a great deal on a doll, five vinyls and two plush, so my BEGoths wishlist has shrunk, but I figured I'd post it, since why not?
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
5:15 am - RANKING: Bleeding Edge Goths

It's been awhile since I've done one of these and I need to wind down before heading to bed. I just took fresh pics of all my girls today, so let's do this.
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Friday, August 19th, 2016
2:16 am - New MC2!

Head over to my blog for not one but THREE Project MC2 posts!

I did an overview on the line, plus two separate review posts for the new girls Devon D'Marco and Ember Evergreen. I wonder if we'll keep getting the alphabet. Farrah Fusion? Gidget Gadget? I'd like to see an Indian cast member and a Native American.

I totally have those two new girl dolls coming in the mail, but I liked the ones in the store and I wanted to do the review tonight, before my day off, so I bought them and I'll return the others when they finally get here. TRU.com ships SO SLOWLY. I'm glad I ordered though, because I need that Orange Blossom SSC doll. My store restocked and they got another case of the old ones (SSC, Plum and Raspberry).

current mood: accomplished

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Friday, August 12th, 2016
1:53 am - SDCC stuff is in!

SDCC She-Ra 9

I got my SDCC items today! Pics of all are in Flickr.

OMG, I love She-Ra so much. Katana, too, but really mostly She-Ra.

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Friday, August 5th, 2016
3:26 am - EAH Giveaway!


I'm doing a giveaway on my blog!

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1:11 am - I deboxed sooooooooooo much!

So Target reset

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Thursday, August 4th, 2016
2:35 am - Aurora plushies

So it was bug night tonight and I spent an hour hosing the floor alone, so whatever arm/shoulder muscles I used to do that are now killing me. I took an ibuprofen and it did zilch, so I upgraded to Aleve, and now I'm going to distract myself making silly wishlists of stuffed animals.

I found these 2016 Aurora catalogs earlier and man, there's some fun here. Let's go through them.Collapse )

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Sunday, July 31st, 2016
3:11 am - I may have overpaid...

...but I am now the proud owner of Twilight Teens Panthera! I've wanted more of these dolls for ages, but I hate importing. An ebay auction just came up from a US seller that had both Voodoona (who I have) and Panthera, and I hit that BIN button.

So I'll have an extra boxed Voodoona if anyone's interested in her. She's really, really cute.

Twilight Teens Voodoona 1

5 2015 MH 6

She's the only MH fakie I have permanently in my MH display. Well, now Panthera will be, too, but the point is Voodoona is awesome.

current mood: happy

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2:35 am - It's that time again.

Time when stores reset. I thought I'd make a quick list of what I've seen so far and what I still want.

TARGET: Is resetting very gradually and of course hasn't gotten to my main aisle yet. The MLP section has currently vanished.
-Care Bears: There's a new 12-pack (I think) of poseables with an exclusive Sweet Sakura character. I don't have any of the poseables, so I'm hoping at $24.99 this shelfsits and I can buy it on clearance.
-Lalaloopsy: Still has a small section with the bug-type minis and other older stuff.
-Disney: Lots of stuff for all the Disney shows. I saw some Elena items, but I have no real interest in that. She's pretty though!
-Betty Spaghetti: Never got one of these before, but maybe the fairy one someday.
-Shimmer and Shine: Is that right? The genie girls? Their stuff is cute, but nothing I need.
-MH/EAH: Mostly still older clearance, but we do have Dayna and the SW basics and standards. Oh, and the Clawdeen pet salon set. The only new EAH thing I think was the winter pixies.
-Barbie, DCSG, Descendants, Bratz, etc. Nothing new.

What do I want? Really just the Care Bears set so far.

WALMART: Some new stuff getting put out.
-Descendants: All the Neon Lights Ball are there.
-Disney: I saw a Little Kingdom Snow White I've never noticed before. Not the single-pack, but a more deluxe one.
-MH minis finally got there
-The basic school/How Do You Boo? MH (Draculaura, Frankie, Ari)
Is that it? That might be all of note.

What do I want? Neon Lights Ball Mal and Evie, but not for thirty bucks each.

TRU: They've done the most so far.
-MH: Nefera 2-pack, Cleo playset, Dance the Fright Away basic and photobooth dolls, winged Laura, SW Dayna and standards (no basics), Moanica 2-pack, school dolls. I want to say there was more, too, but all the new playsets kinda blend together. No Whisp, although I don't want her.
-EAH: All Epic Winter, basic Birthday Ball, SDCC-lite Raven
-SSC: Retro dolls
-MLP: Exclusive glittery Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie, Equestria Girls Everfree basics (the boho ones), Equestria Girls minis new singles and the Fluttershy playset, the Zecora/Twilight Nightmare Night playset
-Disney: Just a little Elena stuff
-Barbie: I didn't notice much new, although I'm not up on playline Barbie. No store has the Fashionista with my hair yet though.

What do I want? The Daring 2-pack and the Epic Winter pixies. TRU has the bear pixie with good eyes, while both of Target's are wonky. I got the Nefera set and the Sunset Shimmer Equestria Girls mini tonight.

I really have only a small list of wants right now: Meeshell Mermaid, Equestria Girls Flash and DJ figures, the Daring 2-pack, the winter pixies, more MH minis. I'm fairly well caught up. (Jillian Beanstalk isn't on here because I finally got fed up and bought her from Toot's.) I want one of those Shibajuku dolls when they finally come out, too. I have a need to compare them to my Pullips, because they're such a total knockoff.

Also, Splashlings are very, very cute, and I want the set with my favorite mermaid and a few of the little figures like the coral, ray and jellyfish.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2016
10:29 pm - Yay!

Funko Mystery Mini collection 1

I went back for the last box at Walgreens and IT'S SNOW! She's so freakin' cute.

current mood: ecstatic

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1:47 am - Funko Mini Disney Princesses

So a couple months ago, I got a Disney Princess blind box from a farther Walgreen's. It was Elsa. Of course. She was cute, so I plopped her on my shelf and then didn't bother getting more, since I hardly see them.

I stopped in our local Walgreen's a couple days ago and grabbed another box. I had rejected the three I'd seen there before, since they felt so light, I figured they had the sidekicks and not the princess figures in them. Well, a fourth one had appeared and it was heavy, so I bought it. It was Rapunzel and I really liked her, because she was super cute with little freckles. I looked at the box and saw that she was a Walgreen's exclusive. So were Pascal, Snow White and Snow's chipmunk. I also learned that the pet figures were the rarer ones, so I figured I'd pick up some of the other boxes soon.

I went back tonight and I picked a box and Mom picked a box. I thought they felt pretty light, but we ended up with Cinderella and Tiana. Yay, more princesses. So now I'll go back for the last one soon, because I should have just bought all 3.

But I went on ebay and then Google for some research. These stupid series are far too complicated.

There are three different cases here. One is Walgreens, one is Hot Topic, and the third is sold everywhere else. Most of the characters are the same in every case, except there are two exclusive princesses and two exclusive sidekicks for Hot Topic and another two and two exclusive to Walgreen's.

WALGREEN'S: Rapunzel, Pascal, Snow White, Snow's chipmunk

HOT TOPIC: Mulan, Mushu, Pocahontas, Meeko

REGULAR CASE: Jasmine, Rajah, Merida, little bear bro

So basically, most of the best characters are store specific.

I found an image with a guide to where they are in the cases even, but this doesn't work for Walgreen's, because neither store I saw them at had them in a case. They were just plunked on the shelf. And it wouldn't work if anyone had taken any out or possibly messed up the order.

On the topic of rarity...

Easiest to Find (2 per case): Elsa

Easy to Find (1 per case in EVERY case): Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Anna, Tiana

Easyish to Find (1 per case in store specific cases): Jasmine, Merida, Rapunzel, Snow White, Mulan, Pocahontas

1 in 24: Olaf OR Cogsworth, Flounder OR Merida's bear/Mushu/Snow's chipmunk (dependent on which store case you have)

The 1 in 36 and 1 in 72 occupy the same slot in the case, so each case is going to have one or the other. It's Naveen OR Gusgus for the 1 in 36 and Elsa's snowgie OR Rajah/Meeko/Pascal (dependent on which store case you have) for the 1 in 72.

So the ones worth the most are Rajah, Meeko and Pascal.

I think I'm going to print out the picture I found that shows where they are in the case, just in case I get to Hot Topic someday. They moved to the farther away shopping area, so they're not right across from work anymore. But I'd like to get Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas for sure. And Merida, but she's less priority. I've got my eye on some on ebay.

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Thursday, July 14th, 2016
1:19 pm - Unexpected bear!

 photo Chocoholic 2_zpswzj077ky.png

So I have a perpetual wishlist of bears from my stockist and a list of characters that I may work with someday in the short story inspired by my bears. One of those that has come alive in the past couple months is Chocoholic.

I've had characters in place for some of the upcoming bears, too, which have changed based on the appearance of the actual bear and me not caring for it as much as I expected, like the monkeys and Scrump. Well, now Marshmallow joins the list of "no longer interested." I went into my cast list post (it's a private post that I'm constantly editing) and took out Marshmallow's picture, then smiled at Chocoholic's photo. On a whim, I went to my stockist's site to see if there were any current sales. She does a special offer every day for a different bear.

Guess who today's special offer is.

Yep, Chocoholic.

He's $26 less than his usual price and I happened to have enough on hand to buy him, so I just placed the order! He's 22", so he'll be my tallest bear, but he looks skinnier, so I don't think he's got the girth of Shades or Graeme.

She also told me Hide is coming in this week. She's one of the ferrets. That just leaves Seek, the other ferret, and Pepper Pot, who seems constantly delayed, from my pre-orders.

current mood: surprised

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
3:01 pm - Descendants Neon Lights Ball

NLB Jane 4

Follow Jane to Flickr for pics of the four non-deluxe Neon Lights Ball dolls!

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