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Friday, May 22nd, 2015
1:25 am - My bootleg pony plushie want list!

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
12:36 am - Updated wants again

I bought Alistair and Freak du Chic Honey, Toralei and Jinafire on Amazon today, so I've got to cross them off. I wasn't going to get FdC, but there are no new dolls in TRU, I needed 1 other to add to Alistair to score free shipping, and then my book sales did well enough that I added the other 2. I'm trying not to buy much else on Amazon though, because I have a $10 Mattel voucher to spend and a $5 TRU coupon, so I just need something new to come in.

I'm hoping all the FdCs are decent, but if not, I'll pop them on ebay or set them aside and wait until I find them in stores, then return the first ones.

Bunny will be here tomorrow. I'll likely pop her on ebay.

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Monday, May 18th, 2015
2:46 pm - MAUD


Both Maud AND Mourning Gloom arrived today! I didn't even know Mourning Gloom had been shipped. So excited!

current mood: happy

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1:08 am - I suck at saving. Heh.

So my Maud Pie custom from Mexico should be in tomorrow's mail. I'm so EXCITED.

I also spotted this one on ebay:
Yep, she has officially been made by the Chinese bootleggers. I asked the US seller I buy my bootlegs from if they were getting her soon and they said mid-June if they make enough revenue to place the order. So I bought Sunset Shimmer to do my part in helping get Maud faster. I was going to add Daring Do to my order, but then I saw one of the Japanese Tumblrs I follow selling Arpakassos and she had the Color Play neon green one and yeah, I just got my first Arpakasso. I've wanted one for ages, but I'm really picky about which color I wanted to be first. I never was able to get any of the black or red or neon ones before. It's just a little 6" one, but still bigger than the keychain size.

So Maud will arrive tomorrow and I think my two Bunny Blancs will be here Wednesday. Then eventually, Sunset Shimmer, my neon Arpakasso and Vamplets Mortis will come. I have two auctions I'm watching on ebay and then I need to stop spending my sales profits. Heh. I've done pretty well. The majority of the book auctions end Tuesday night. I should have enough to make the second layaway payment soon!

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Saturday, May 16th, 2015
2:33 am - Vamplets!

I participated in the most recent Vamplets Kickstarter and I think the newbies will be ready to ship soon. YAY. I'm getting Mourning Gloom the Bad Luck Fairy, but once they hit the website, I'll be ordering Vamzomkey (vampire zombie monkey) and Decayette the mummy baby.

I love my Vamplets. I have Roari the yeti, Howliss the werewolf, Hector the bat, the zombie guinea pig, the wereroach, and the original vampire babies Burton and Vlad. I just placed an order for Mortis the zombie from a UK store. And someday I'd like the Bitemares and undead dragon. Maybe the vampire kitten.

After I got home from work, I pulled the books off the shelves I wanted to clear off, and now I have two giant shelves to fill with dolls. The bottom shelf is already filled. The 3rd and 4th still have books on them. The 4th has all my She-Ra figures from both generations and the 3rd has my Golden Girl, Galaxie Girl and Goddess of Wonder dolls. I haven't had my Golden Girls out in years! It's nice to see them again.

I'll keep working on the shelves on Tuesday my next day off. I'm off until 4:30 tomorrow, but I'm in for a crazy shift probably, so I'm just going to laze around and do nothing much.

Now I think I'll go reread my Vamplets comics. I need to track down the 2014 Halloween freebie one. I didn't realize that was a new story. *sigh* But I got the free download of the 3rd Nightmare Nursery graphic novel from that Kickstarter and I just finished it. So cute!

current mood: relaxed

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Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
2:48 am - Oh, gods, oh, gods, oh, gods.

So raevynsilverana got me on the Dearmine website a few days ago and I fell for this gorgeous beastie:

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE him. I inquired about the total cost divided into 3 layaway payments on their English Q&A board.

Well, I just noticed a few minutes ago that they finally answered.

And set up a layaway.

Even though I had only asked for the total cost and what each payment would be.

It's $200.30 on the 16th of May, June and July.

I'm a bit freaked out, but I'm taking this as a sign that I'm meant to have him. I envision him sitting beside me while I write, like a little broody goth ram muse. And I just worked my butt off pulling books from my collection to put up on ebay to make money for him. I'll have enough on payday to cover the first payment easily and then hopefully, I can earn enough from books for at least the second payment, then save up for the third.

Honestly, he means more to me than playline dolls, which I can always pick up later on. Between him and Techrat, I won't be buying too much! Unless it's on Amazon, like the Bunny I just charged.

But yeah, I decided to name him Alifair. It's a more feminine name typically, but it reminds me of Alistair only with the amusing twist of this brooding doll being named anything with the world "fair" in it.

I can't believe I'm going into the "waiting room" for another BJD! It's been YEARS.

current mood: shocked

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2:16 am - Updated wants!

I just scored Bunny on Amazon, so I'm updating my wants for the sheer joy of deleting her from the list.

Though I'm adding more stuff, so...oh, well!

Updated wantsCollapse )

Forgot to mention that I scored FOUR MOC Galaxie Girl figures! I won this one on Saturday:
Then the seller listed another, so I asked if he had more and he offered me a BIN on these two on Sunday:
Justara I already have, but mine arrived with a broken head, so this is an upgrade. And today, I won the fourth!
I really like her.

I own Jaguara:

So now I just need these three:

Once they arrive, I'm redoing my action figure shelves that have been waiting for me to work on them for months. Now that I have my book storage organized, I'm finishing the doll shelves.

current mood: excited

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12:43 am - Took some new photos!

Mint Tulip

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Monday, May 11th, 2015
1:47 am - I really want...

...a Goddess Girls doll line.

Seriously, there is no mythological doll line out there. I have tried searching for goddess dolls and you've pretty much got the fancy Barbies.

I don't want some new line from Mattel though. I really want Goddess Girls. Here"s how I would do it.Collapse )

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Saturday, May 9th, 2015
11:32 pm - Feelers: Dream of Doll Shall and Camine, Dollzone Xi-Aleister

I'm contemplating selling three of my older BJDs. (Well, all my BJDs are older, since I haven't bought a new one in years.)

I got fullset Dream of Doll Shall when she first came out.
I have sold off a few of her pieces. She still has the top, skirt and boots. Her ears aren't pierced like they are in the photos. She has a different DoD wig in the same shade of blonde. Pretty sure it was this one:
She's on the original girl body. I should still have things like her extra hands, too. This is mine:

Then I have DoD Camine.
I didn't get the fullset, but he's got his default wig. I don't remember where all the clothing pieces came from, but he'd come with that outfit he's wearing in my pics.

I'm also thinking about letting my Dollzone LE 50 Xi-Aleister go.
He does not have the cane. He's also experienced some yellowing and I think a couple bits of his outfit have fallen apart. The poor guy! (There's sadly a distinct quality difference between these two companies.)

If you're interested in any of my dolls, let me know and I'll go over them with a fine-tooth comb and mention all their flaws. I have some extra hand pieces for the DoDs, I think, as well as their original paperwork and booklets. Pretty sure I saved them anyway! I also have some other clothing for them that I could include, too. I think Shall has a pretty black lingerie set.

I don't have any set prices in mind. That can be discussed once I check their quality and see what all they'd come with. I do know that I wouldn't take less than $300 for Camine and not less than $450 for Shall, because she has the limited outfit pieces. The fullset Lahoo limited outfit sold recently for $325 on ebay, so you can see why Shall's pieces make her worth more.

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Friday, May 8th, 2015
1:58 am - Eee! Minou!

I discovered Tamiho Maita on Tumblr when a Japanese Tumblrer posted pictures of her Minou plush. I fell in love, but could not find a place to buy one.

Several months, or possibly even a year, later, I ORDERED MY MINOU.

On Amazon, of all places. I don't know if I didn't think to search there, but it's more likely that they just didn't have sellers carrying them back then. Because it definitely turned up in a Google search this time and I know I would have noticed that before.

This is the Minou line:
I'm getting the one in the red dress in the medium size. Which is called medium even though there is no large size. *shrug*

You may have also heard of Scratch Cat:
I'm planning on getting the gray one as soon as I can. I want the large size, so he's a little pricy.

I love the Petit Copain, too:

I also got excited when I got a notification from Tokyo Otaku Mode that this black bear was back in stock:
They supposedly had 7, but all were sold out when I followed the email link. Sigh.

I really do want that gray Scratch Cat, like, right now, but I didn't max out my Amazon store card, because I know new EAH stuff might drop this week. Toot's has Bunny, Alistair (I think), Way Too Wonderland AND Sugar-Coated. And the Bunnys are so wonky, that I'll need to order 3 in hopes of getting one good one. I'd also like to get Alistair and the Ginger playset. Everything else can wait 'til it shows in stores. I'm not 100% sold on WTW or Enchanted Picnic or the rest of SC. Rosabella is a necessity, but she's not quite out yet.

I'm bidding on something vintage on ebay, but if I don't win, I'll probably order Scratch.

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Thursday, May 7th, 2015
1:15 am - RANKING: Disney Descendants dolls

I have my copy of Isle of the Lost and I'm getting more and more excited for the dolls! I thought I'd do a ranking of them based on which ones I'm most and least excited for.

All pictures are credited to Stitch Kingdom. They took by far the best ones. I shrank them down to make them not ginormous on everyone's screens, but you can check out the full size on their site here:

It"s not copying EAH alreadyCollapse )

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Monday, May 4th, 2015
2:57 pm - New pics!

I added a few new pics to Flickr. More to come tomorrow!

Oh, you can use the arrows to flip through them! Cool! I'm so tech dumb I never noticed that before.

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Friday, April 24th, 2015
2:20 pm - FS: MH and EAH


Just put up a few dolls, accessories and stands in the marketplace. Those will not be transferred to vvd_sales. Whatever doesn't sell is going to ebay in a couple days.

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
12:19 pm - Yoohoo

Due to my crazy schedule (I can't honestly tell you when my next full day off will be and it might not be 'til May), I haven't had much time for pictures. I haven't been buying too much, aside from Yoohoo & Friends though. When I get them all in, I'll take a bunch of pics. I'm also expecting a couple dolls from a new line on Saturday, so I'll do a review of them maybe Tuesday? (The weekends are my busiest time.)

Just to give an idea of my Yoohoo obsession, these are the ones I have:
-Red fox
(Those two I bought at Claire's. These next several, I have incoming.)
-Grim reaper Yoohoo
-Proboscis monkey
-Douc langur
-Rockhopper penguin
-Barbary lion
-Mongoose (I ordered the tarsier, but they were sold out, so I swapped for the mongoose.)
-Tarsier (Then ordered the tarsier from another seller.)

And I just won a lot of 7 on ebay for $7.50! Woo! I don't care about the beaver or the Christmas Yoohoos. I bought it for the meerkat, golden lion tamarin, sugar glider and Japanese macaque.

Those are most of the ones I wanted. I need the platypus, blue gorilla, sabretooth and lovebird at some point. The one I want most is Devil Yoohoo (the black version in the red outfit, not the white version), but he's hard to find.

Thankfully, these are small! I have so many coming!

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Saturday, April 11th, 2015
3:37 pm - I might be addicted to Yoohoo & Friends.

I bought two at Claire's.

I bought a rare one on Amazon.

Then three newer ones that had to be imported from the UK.

Now I'm planning an order of eight more from Amazon if I come home from work and this fucko on ebay hasn't responded to my best offers.

And I'm watching a lot of seven on ebay that ends Wednesday. It has four in it that I want.

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
1:28 am - Madame Alexander Travel Friends review

Travel Friends Review Intro

I did my first doll review in quite some time on Flickr tonight! I do plan on getting more of these dolls, but these four were enough to accomplish a decent review.

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, April 5th, 2015
12:42 am - What I've Been Buying

I haven't bought too many dolls recently, as you can tell. We're in that in between state where not much is out, but that's fine, because I've been a plushie nut recently.

I'm really into Jellycat plushies:

Mary Meyer dog and Jellycat bunnies

The pistachio bunny is on the back of the couch behind me as I type this. Jellycats actually inspired the first children's book I've ever attempted writing. I need to try to get more written soon. But as of right now, I have 4 bunnies (2 large, 2 medium like the two in the photo), 1 sloth, 1 badger, 1 dragon, 1 elephant, 2 sheep, 1 mouse, 1 mammoth, 1 turtle and 1 dinosaur. I will likely soon be ordering a goat, a pony and a Scottie.

The brown dog is my Mary Meyer, who also makes cute plush, but I will likely only get this dog for the time being.

Then there are the Care Bears:

Care Bears 2014 Best Friend, Love-a-Lot and Good Luck

I was shocked to see Best Friend Bear at work today. I had turned the corner at the end of the aisle where they are and thought "That purple doesn't look like Share's shade." Sure enough, it was Best Friend! And behind her was Good Luck. I could see the green from a distance and promptly sped up. I found Love-a-Lot behind some older characters. I'm really into this newest design for the bears and will likely buy every one in the medium size. I think Bedtime, Wish and Laugh-a-Lot are the other 3, but they don't seem to be quite out yet, except Wish in the beanie size and Bedtime in the huge size.

So I got these three after work and then my Amazon packages arrived with the dog and two bunnies, so I have 6 new plushies. Must alternate who gets cuddled during sleeps! Heh.

I also have four of the Madame Alexander Travel Friends that I bought on Amazon:

Travel Friends preview

I will be doing a review on them sometime later this week. I have good things and bad things to say. (Hardest dolls to debox in a LONG time.)

Also, a few entries ago, I mentioned some awesome flower-themed dolls I have to share. Well, the two packages from the UK haven't arrived yet, but these girls did a few days ago:

Merrymakers Garden Princess Tulip and Iris 1

I need to photograph their tag to show the other two in the line.

I also bought Princess Luna and a toucan from Build-a-Bear. They should arrive in a couple days. And I have a cute handmade plush coming this week, too. I'm bidding on a couple Amuse plush on ebay to add to my tiny collection.

I had to stop myself from buying this girl this morning at work:
Like she's really cute and was on sale for $14.99, but with the Care Bears $50 purchase, I couldn't.

We also had the new Jasmine:
She was very tempting. If she's still there Tuesday, then I may get her. She was a little wall-eyed though, so maybe not? That was how I talked myself out of her. But I do love me some Jasmine.

So yeah, nothing really exciting doll-wise, but I'm having fun. I have a big Zelfs photoshoot planned for hopefully this week. It's a project I've been meaning to work on for weeks.

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015
5:12 pm - Dangit!

I got my ebay notifications this morning and was surprised to see a Goddess of Wonder item. It's an outfit, like the She-Ra and Golden Girl ones:
I bought it because it looks tailor-made for my blue star girl:

Then I happened to check the completed listings and look what I missed!
I want that one so badly and she sold for next to nothing! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

On the plus side, I finally know the names of mine: Starena and Lyra. The seller also had Starena carded and mine looks complete. There is no wand like the drawing and there's a space on the packaging for one, but that box doesn't look like it was ever opened, so maybe she was going to have one and they changed their minds? Who knows. But mine will have the one from the outfit. I don't know if I'll put the clothes on her, but she's getting that wand.

Still upset about Purple Storm though! I wrote the seller and he says there's an "outside shot" he may get more, so he's going to notify me if he does.

current mood: disappointed

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Friday, March 27th, 2015
11:52 pm - New photos!

I finally tried out my new camera! It does cool shit!

Flitta and Oceana blue

And here's Josefina!

Josefina 1

Now I need to get to bed because I have to get up at 5:30!

(Not a whee.)

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