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Sunday, July 17th, 2016
10:29 pm - Yay!

Funko Mystery Mini collection 1

I went back for the last box at Walgreens and IT'S SNOW! She's so freakin' cute.

current mood: ecstatic

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1:47 am - Funko Mini Disney Princesses

So a couple months ago, I got a Disney Princess blind box from a farther Walgreen's. It was Elsa. Of course. She was cute, so I plopped her on my shelf and then didn't bother getting more, since I hardly see them.

I stopped in our local Walgreen's a couple days ago and grabbed another box. I had rejected the three I'd seen there before, since they felt so light, I figured they had the sidekicks and not the princess figures in them. Well, a fourth one had appeared and it was heavy, so I bought it. It was Rapunzel and I really liked her, because she was super cute with little freckles. I looked at the box and saw that she was a Walgreen's exclusive. So were Pascal, Snow White and Snow's chipmunk. I also learned that the pet figures were the rarer ones, so I figured I'd pick up some of the other boxes soon.

I went back tonight and I picked a box and Mom picked a box. I thought they felt pretty light, but we ended up with Cinderella and Tiana. Yay, more princesses. So now I'll go back for the last one soon, because I should have just bought all 3.

But I went on ebay and then Google for some research. These stupid series are far too complicated.

There are three different cases here. One is Walgreens, one is Hot Topic, and the third is sold everywhere else. Most of the characters are the same in every case, except there are two exclusive princesses and two exclusive sidekicks for Hot Topic and another two and two exclusive to Walgreen's.

WALGREEN'S: Rapunzel, Pascal, Snow White, Snow's chipmunk

HOT TOPIC: Mulan, Mushu, Pocahontas, Meeko

REGULAR CASE: Jasmine, Rajah, Merida, little bear bro

So basically, most of the best characters are store specific.

I found an image with a guide to where they are in the cases even, but this doesn't work for Walgreen's, because neither store I saw them at had them in a case. They were just plunked on the shelf. And it wouldn't work if anyone had taken any out or possibly messed up the order.

On the topic of rarity...

Easiest to Find (2 per case): Elsa

Easy to Find (1 per case in EVERY case): Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Anna, Tiana

Easyish to Find (1 per case in store specific cases): Jasmine, Merida, Rapunzel, Snow White, Mulan, Pocahontas

1 in 24: Olaf OR Cogsworth, Flounder OR Merida's bear/Mushu/Snow's chipmunk (dependent on which store case you have)

The 1 in 36 and 1 in 72 occupy the same slot in the case, so each case is going to have one or the other. It's Naveen OR Gusgus for the 1 in 36 and Elsa's snowgie OR Rajah/Meeko/Pascal (dependent on which store case you have) for the 1 in 72.

So the ones worth the most are Rajah, Meeko and Pascal.

I think I'm going to print out the picture I found that shows where they are in the case, just in case I get to Hot Topic someday. They moved to the farther away shopping area, so they're not right across from work anymore. But I'd like to get Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas for sure. And Merida, but she's less priority. I've got my eye on some on ebay.

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Thursday, July 14th, 2016
1:19 pm - Unexpected bear!

 photo Chocoholic 2_zpswzj077ky.png

So I have a perpetual wishlist of bears from my stockist and a list of characters that I may work with someday in the short story inspired by my bears. One of those that has come alive in the past couple months is Chocoholic.

I've had characters in place for some of the upcoming bears, too, which have changed based on the appearance of the actual bear and me not caring for it as much as I expected, like the monkeys and Scrump. Well, now Marshmallow joins the list of "no longer interested." I went into my cast list post (it's a private post that I'm constantly editing) and took out Marshmallow's picture, then smiled at Chocoholic's photo. On a whim, I went to my stockist's site to see if there were any current sales. She does a special offer every day for a different bear.

Guess who today's special offer is.

Yep, Chocoholic.

He's $26 less than his usual price and I happened to have enough on hand to buy him, so I just placed the order! He's 22", so he'll be my tallest bear, but he looks skinnier, so I don't think he's got the girth of Shades or Graeme.

She also told me Hide is coming in this week. She's one of the ferrets. That just leaves Seek, the other ferret, and Pepper Pot, who seems constantly delayed, from my pre-orders.

current mood: surprised

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
3:01 pm - Descendants Neon Lights Ball

NLB Jane 4

Follow Jane to Flickr for pics of the four non-deluxe Neon Lights Ball dolls!

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2016
1:28 pm - She's here!

Pumpkin Pie

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love her! She's so beautiful.

Also, the root gang greets its newest member, a mothmiss.

The Beast Peddler Thronzil arrives

current mood: enthralled

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
3:38 pm - Ashlyn speed review!

Super quick review up in Flickr!

Ashlyn 5

I'll be doing a more detailed write-up with additional pics when I get home from work.

I love her though. She's not HFHG-level beautiful, but she's plenty cute. She is chipmunk-cheeky, but she doesn't photograph well (she's so orange in my pictures but she's not orange!) and she's excellent in person. Her hair is the nice straight AG hair. Think Julie. Thin, but I don't need a ton of hair on my dolls.

I hope to be able to order Camille next month, but we'll see! Pumpkin Pie came in and I have another bear to pay for now, but she's the one I hoped would come in and I can't wait to hug her.

current mood: rushed

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5:53 am - Twozies!

Singles 1

I recently discovered the Twozies made by Moose Toys, the same people as Zelfs and Shopkins. They come in 12-packs, 6-packs and completely blind bag 2-packs in the little display cubes seen from the back in my photo. The cubes don't come with the bigger packs, so after buying 2 big packs from Target and all the individual characters I wanted off ebay, I got a few more cubes today and made a nice display for my bathroom wall. The cubes each have a hole in the back, which is hidden by the little background card, and they're clearly designed to be turned into wall displays. It's pretty neat. I have 12 up right now, all stuck together, hanging by only one bigger nail. I'm planning on getting 6 more cubes though, because I have several more pairs to accommodate. I'm only putting my complete pairs in the cubes. The singles are on my dresser.

But anyway, it quickly came to my attention that not all the figures have been released yet. My favorites are the two octopus ones, but they're not on ebay and neither are others. So I figured I'd do a quick guide to who seems to be out and who isn't yet. Each animal style has one male and one female baby and both are out at the same time.


Panda (neon HTF)
Zebra (neon HTF)
Bear (blue/white)
Bear (red/orange)
Cow (neon HTF)
Metallic silver elephant (super HTF)
Metallic purple gorilla (super HTF)
Swan (boat playset only)
Cows (ice cream playset only)
Orange kitten (cafe playset only)


French bulldog
Owl (neon HTF)
Monkey (neon HTF)
Chipmunk (neon HTF)
Metallic gold (?) tiger (super HTF)

I think that's everything. I'm not sure why 24 of the regular (non-metallic, non-playset) pairs are out now and 12 are not. I'm slightly annoyed by it, because I want the octopi and deer and French bulldogs and owls.

But that list should help if you're after a specific pair. Don't bother buying any if they're not out yet!

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
2:47 am - Well, that was interesting.

So I was disappointed when the Wellie Wishers didn't go live at midnight, considering that's also midnight AG time. But I followed up on my secondary theory, that they'd go live midnight Pacific and I was right.

I skimmed down the page, gleefully looking at all the things I didn't want. Yay. My final wishlist for this particular release is:
-All 5 dolls
-Emerson's ballet costume
-Camille's Ocean Treasures set

That's it. All of the accessory sets are cute, but I only really want the mermaid-themed one. Although mayyyyyybe I'll get Kendall's tools when I get around to buying her. The PJs are also cute, but for $20, I opted to hold off and see if any other clothes fit these girls. Like my even cuter HFHG PJs. And the bunny set is adorable, but way overpriced. Although if it was guinea pigs, I'd get it.

And how fucking cute is that butterfly doll carrier? OMFG.

So then the debating began.

If I wanted Emerson's ballet outfit, I should get that with her, but did I want to spend that much right away? Also, that tutu is kinda short and I'd love to see someone else's owner pics first. Although who are we really kidding, it's GRAY and purple and that's really enough to get me to buy it.

Second consideration: if I only wanted the ocean set, I should get that and Camille. I put the ocean set in my cart and then stuck Ashlyn in there because I was on her page and wanted to see the $5 come off in the cart. It did. So I went back to Camille's page and was going to debate whether I had firmly decided on her or not. And her add to bag button had turned from pink to gray. I was surprised she of all dolls had sold out so quickly. I poked at Emerson and she was still there, then I tried to go back to the main sales page and it took me back to "arriving in just 0 day" page. I freaked, thinking either they were selling like hotcakes or the site was crashing. I noticed I still had my bag, so I quickly deleted the ocean accessories and zipped through checkout with Ashlyn.

And then after I checked out, the website was fine.

Apparently fate decreed Ashlyn was for me, and so she was. The debate is finally over.

current mood: excited

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Friday, June 17th, 2016
9:13 pm - Pet Peeve

When a dealer gets a doll in stock before Amazon and lists it there at scalper-level prices and I see the "add to cart" button and get excited, thinking Amazon got it in, but it's just an overpriced dealer.

And then I keep seeing that taunting orange button every time I refresh because no one is going to pay almost $33 for that Cleo with a kitty.

current mood: annoyed

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12:45 am - They just keep getting CUTER.

AG is pointedly not revealing any price point info or specifics about the dolls (which you'd think the people asking over and over on Facebook would have figured out by now and would just fucking CHILL), but the Wellie Wishers are set to debut next week! Thursday, June 23rd will bring them to us. I've been getting more and more excited for these and this article has some amazing (despite oversaturation on the lower ones) pics:

My problem is that I can likely afford only one next week, because I'm right in the middle of new doll time and I was saving for Les Mistinguettes instead. I need to pay a bill, give Mom some money and then I can buy one Wellie Wisher.



I initially thought I'd be torn over Emerson and Willa, but Ashlyn is so cute in these new pics that she's a heavy contender now, too. I know it won't be Kendall (who will likely be the last I get, as her outfit is not appealing to me at all even though the doll is cute) or Camille (even though Camille is super adorable and I love her outfit and shorter hair and little beauty mark). My mom loves Willa and I think she's the fullest package from head to toe. I like her outfit better than Emerson's and Ashlyn's. But if I got her, I think I'd pine for the other two quite a bit. Ashlyn's little freckles are just so cute because they're in unusual places. Willa has the more standard freckle pattern for dolls. I will eventually buy new clothes for both Ashlyn and Willa (and Kendall), but both of their outfits are cute enough that they could stay in them until I got more clothes for them (whereas Kendall's makes me want to rip it off). I'm not sure if new outfits will be out immediately, although there is definitely a lovely dance dress for Emerson shown on AG's website. I dunno. It's probably going to be Emerson. Probably.


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Thursday, June 16th, 2016
4:35 am - Fun with shipping and Charlie Bears chatter

Today I was supposed to get a purse from Kohl's. It arrived at Jacksonville last night at 7:27pm. There were no shipping updates after that, despite the tracking still insisting it was on time for delivery today. LIES. I went to work and came home to no purse. Didn't figure there would be, but still. So I checked tracking again and it finally left Jacksonville at 9:57pm. So Jacksonville UPS just decided to hold my purse for over a day for NO NOTED REASON and now it's finally in Panama City and should be delivered today. Argh. Thankfully it's not dolls and just a purse.

I've got an order from Manhattan Toy coming FedEx. I got a tracking number yesterday. It's still not in the system. No idea if this is home delivery or smartpost. Sigh.

On the plus side, The Beast Peddlar on etsy listed some made to order beasts today and I thought for sure they'd all be sold out by the time I got home from work. But there were some left! So I'm finally getting a mothman.

Then one of my Charlie Bears pre-orders FINALLY came in. I am never pre-ordering these again. Here's a list of the bears I ordered and what's going on with each one:

1) Bryony: Bryony was one of the early releases in the UK and Beacon's Glow got her in stock. My stockist gave me no idea of arrival time when asked. Mom bought her for me and I cancelled the pre-order and replaced her with Pepper Pot and Hide.

2) Pepper Pot: Pepper Pot has been out for at least two months. Beacon's Glow has him. I thought for sure he'd be my first pre-order arrival, but he's still not in. He's kind of odd though, because most of these I know are out when I see them in multitudes on ebay. Well, there's only ever been one Pepper Pot on ebay (US ebay anyway but a ton of UK bear sellers offer shipping to the US) and he's from Australia. So Australia has him and one stockist in the US. It's weird.

3) Hide: Hide is one of the ferrets. She's been out for at least a month.

4) Pimky: Pimky is the brown monkey. She's been out for at least a month and I cringed when I saw real photos of her because she looks very little like the adorable stock pics.

5) Lazlo: Lazlo is the gray monkey, the one I wanted more. He's been out also for at least a month. He's the one I got contacted about tonight, but all three of the ones to choose from were just not cute. So I cancelled both monkeys and got Chequers in Lazlo's place. I'm sure I'll choose someone else to fill Pimky's spot. But the ferret and both monkeys came out at the same time, yet only one monkey got to my stockist. Where are the other two? I felt sure this next shipment was going to be both monkeys, the one ferret and Pepper Pot. But no.

6) Seek: The other ferret. I haven't seen a real photo of him yet, but one UK seller on ebay seems to have him in stock.

7) Scrump: One of the few bears I ordered. Same situation as Seek, one seller, no real photo.

8) Pumpkin Pie: The last one on my original pre-order list. I just saw her in a real photo on ebay from a UK seller.

So all of my pre-orders are now out in some form. But there seems to be no way of predicting how they're actually going to come in and this is really frustrating to me, so I'm not doing pre-orders anymore unless it's something super special that might sell out. Because I could have had Pepper Pot for a couple months now and yet I'm still waiting.

Just so people can see what I mean about the monkeys, here are some pics.
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Friday, June 3rd, 2016
3:19 pm - Ally says she's in Flickr.

Signature Ally 2

Photos of Ally, zombie Alice, and Les Mistinguettes in Flickr!

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
5:47 am - Ooh la la!

So I fell for yet another ragdoll line.
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
2:54 am - DCSG movie

If anyone still hasn't seen the DCSG movie, I wrote a summary for it today:

Not sure when/if it's going to air again and some pretty important stuff happens that fans should know before starting Season 2 of the webisodes, so there you go.

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Saturday, May 28th, 2016
4:52 am - I have been productive.

Not only did I spend two hours writing the second half of the Barbie entry for VVD, I just got up after realizing I couldn't sleep at 3am and cranked out the American Girl entry.

I am wiped, but I feel very productive, which is kind of a big deal, considering my allergies have been kicking my ass since 2 nights ago.

It would be nice if the dolly universe would reward me by putting Jillian, Nina and/or Meeshell up for sale.

Oh, the universe instead decided to reward me by finally shipping my Crystal Winter, so she'll be here Sunday instead of Tuesday, and by getting my MH minis Cleo to my local post office a few days early. Now if only the Charlie Bears that both arrived in Pensacola overnight would also be at the local post office so I'd get all three packages of awesomeness today, that would be super amazing. But that might be asking too much. Not trying to sound pushy, dolly universe. (...but bears though.)

And since I'm up this late, I may as well wait for the ebay emails to roll in, then take the dogs out and finally go to sleep.

current mood: productive

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Friday, May 27th, 2016
4:55 am - Charlie Bears current want list

So I've been working on my bear story again recently and it's resparked my CB love. I thought I'd go over my current wish list. It's big. There will be lots of pictures.
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
1:26 am - I got Crystal!


She finally popped back in stock. I think there are 3 left. Go if you want her!

ETA: Also, Nowinstock failed me once again. I got her by refreshing obsessively while watching Mysteries at the Castle.

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12:59 am - Got a little bit done.

Size comparison

I got the Zelfs deboxed and all photographed!

And then I noticed a hole in Elfa's head. She's the yellow one and one of my favorite characters from Series 1 and from all the series really. So I was really very disappointed that she's just got a gaping hole in her. I wrote the seller and they're sending me a replacement for free, which is very nice, but also something they should do, considering they sent me a damaged toy. I didn't expect totally free though, especially considering the international shipping, so that's a nice surprise.

Maybe on Friday I'll get more done. I definitely want to do the Earth 2 Jane scans, because the art is awesome.

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
7:38 pm - Whew

Two hours later, Marsupilami found and some plushies set aside for being put in more nets once I get them in. Marsupilami naturally was not in The Mountain at all, but it needed redoing anyway, because I had to pull some to be put in the new nets. I finally found him in one of my oldest nets, which I had checked last night but didn't dig far enough in. SIGH.

And now I'm worn out and I'm just gonna lie around reading.

current mood: tired

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4:34 pm - PISSED.

So that list of plans? Maybe the Zelfs things will get done, since they're easy to debox and photograph, but the others are being delayed.

For two reasons:

1) I wanted my Marsupilami plush last night and can't find him. I'm pretty sure he's in The Mountain. Which means I have to go digging, since he wasn't where I dug last night.

2) I just found out they've made Katana the DCSG SDCC exclusive. Really? The Asian character from the main lineup is relegated to SDCC, taking her out of the hands of the majority of the target market? She'd better fucking be in the regular second wave, too. But I'm seriously pissed off about this and that makes me not want to do anything doll-related. Hence why I'm about to dig through a bunch of stuffed animals. Seriously though, SDCC is supposed to be alternate versions of existing characters that may be skewed more towards the adult fanbase (B&W Frankie, Deadfast Ghoulia, Ghostbusters Frankie, all three EAH girls) or obscure characters that would be more appreciated by the adult fanbase (Wydowna, Scarah, Manny, Iris, Whisp, Valentine, Hexiciah). It is NOT core members of the cast, especially core PoC members of the cast, which can be hard enough to get made to begin with. (Related side note: I'm also pissed at Funko because they're doing TV Preacher Pops and they've left out Tulip. One of the TRILOGY. Come the fuck on.)

Okay, I'm going to go dig through plushies. It will soothe me.

current mood: pissed off

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