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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
8:13 pm - Rainbow Brite returns!

I don't usually recommend Tumblrs, but this is the best source I've seen. The Facebook page is loaded with assholes bitching about how they can't change Rainbow blah blah bitchy blah.

So here:

The trailer is a bit scary, because y'know, I'm 36 and not a kid anymore, so I can't really relate to the spastic kid-speak. But they're actually doing the Color Kids and even the quickest glance at the new designs tells you that they actually based them on the originals. They're revealing a new Kid every day and I cannot wait for Indigo! I love Lala, Canary and Patty so much already. Red is cute, too, but he's never been a fave.

So yeah, new Rainbow Brite.

current mood: nostalgic

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Saturday, October 11th, 2014
2:05 pm - How to Taobao

I've been buying from Taobao for...maybe a year now? Something like that. I know there are other collectors who want to buy from them, but don't know how. So I thought I'd put together a little how-to guide.

Let's get shoppingCollapse )

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Friday, October 10th, 2014
10:02 pm - Recent purchases and wish list

For once, I'll do the recent stuff first. Here are some Flickr photos!Collapse )

Now for wish listCollapse )

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Saturday, October 4th, 2014
12:12 pm - Wishlist, incoming, you know how this goes.

Updated wantsCollapse )

-Winx Simba City Girl Tecna (picked her up for $4 plus shipping from the UK)
-Winx Season 6 Icy:
-Plush Discord:
-Go Go Tamago doll and Fred plush from Disney Store
-I Heart Fashion Cleo and Venus from TRU

Excited! Especially for Go Go.

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Friday, September 26th, 2014
3:13 pm - Wish list and incoming

Wish list first.

Updated wantsCollapse )

I got my Cloud E and Storm E set from ebay, so I took them off the list.

-Ayumi 15" Love (should be here tomorrow)
-Berenguer Classmates Asian doll (ditto)
-Build-a-Bear Toothless (double ditto)
-Winx Simba City Girl Tecna (picked her up for $4 plus shipping from the UK)
-Twilight Teens Voodoona (awesome trade!)

Really excited for tomorrow's mail!

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Sunday, September 21st, 2014
7:15 pm - Really?

I love when I've posted somewhere that I'm looking for something, then I end up having to get it on ebay, because the people that were willing to help me have my same crappy luck at finding, and when I put up a new post saying I no longer need the item, someone goes "I saw that at my TRU."

Cool story, bro.

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
11:31 pm - Wish list and what I've been buying

I suck at updating. Let's wish list first.

Updated wantsCollapse )

I'm doing mostly well with the list.

I'm a bit frustrated that my TRU is taking so long to get the Cloud E and Storm E Sky 2-pack in. I desperately want that.

MH-wise, my Walmarts are taking FOREVER to get New Scaremester and Casta on the shelves. I may just cave and order Twyla, but I'd like to get her with Catty, who's less often in stock from places where I can return wonky dolls.

I'm caught up on Zelfs mostly. I ordered Coco the poodle large Zelf from China and she's on her way from NYC customs now. I'm waiting for the bee playset to be available here. Is it out anywhere? The 3 butterflies I don't really care about.

New additions to my wishlist are collector level. I want the new BeForever American Girls. Josefina got even better and I want to get Kaya as well. Kit is actually super adorable, so she's finally going to get bought, because I love her new dress! I always thought the doll was cute, but her outfit was really dull. Now it's great. A Girl for All Time Lydia should be coming out soon, and I finally am interested in a Barbie again. The Forest Elf one is lovely.

What I've actually been buying are Ayumis!

Nici Ayumi Fun and Hope 1

Fun, on the left, is my newest. Love is on her way from Germany and will complete my set. I adore them.

I also got Flutterina for my MotU Classics collection and she arrived today. Entrapta should be here any day. She's left Atlanta, so maybe tomorrow. DYING to see her! She's my fave. I need to take photos of all these girls. Can't wait for Sweet Bee next month!

I think that's about it. I'll have to try to update more often. Definitely check my Flickr though. I update there the most!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014
3:37 pm - Quick want list update

I just got Swim Jinafire, so I thought I'd quickly update my want list before I head to work.

Updated wantsCollapse )

I'll have pics of Jin later. I need to shoot her with Musa!

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Thursday, August 21st, 2014
12:14 am - SALE!

I'd love to get more of the stuff in vvd_sales sold, so I'm having a special sale.

Every order over $10 gets $5 off.

Orders over $50 get $10 off.

I've got my regular stock, plus some other items up on ebay:
I'm not sure if I matched my prices from here to ebay, but I'll make you the best deal I can.

If there's something you're looking for, never hesitate to ask. I might be able to help. :)

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
5:43 pm - New toy sightings!

Palace Pets Blossom plush

It's that time when stores are beginning to reset. Here are some of the new things I saw today.

Toys R Us:
-MLP: Photo Finish pony, Equestria Girls new basics, Equestria Girls DJ with car, new mini figure multipack
(Did not see Zecora, large Chrysalis, the multipack with all the kind of wild-looking ponies, or the Equestria Girls 3-pack with Photo Finish, but I imagine they will appear soon.)
-Lalaloopsy: Didn't see anything new, but they had multiple cases of new items, including the deluxe Lala Girls.
-Zelfs: Series 3 larges, the new multipack of mini figures (Series 2 characters). No scenteds yet and the large figures are actually only $9.99 online, as opposed to $12.99 in store. I'm likely going to order the other scented Zelfs and Miss Tutu on payday.

-MH and EAH: They're rearranging the aisle, but so far the only new stuff are the Freaky Fusion skinny box, the Inner Monster trio (no add-on packs), and Sweet Screams Abbey and Ghoulia.
-Moxie Girlz: They have little Kelly-sized ones now that were pretty cute. Some other new regular-sized dolls, too, but I didn't pay a ton of attention.
-Lalaloopsy: Both deluxe and basic girls. No 2-pack yet. I think the regular line had some new things, but I don't follow it closely, so I couldn't tell you what.
-MLP: The 2 sets with the Breezies (I will get those), same new Equestria Girls basics as TRU and DJ with the car, three exclusives featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the pop pony things, new Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks basics (AJ and Rarity).
-Mooshka: New anthropomorphic animal ones (bunny, elephant, cat and either a bear or mouse...I was looking too fast to tell) in both cloth and mini figure. Some larger fairy ones that were pretty.
-Disney Fairies: Nothing new, but the section is still there!
-Palace Pets: New plush! See Blossom above. The other two were pink and white, so probably the pink cat and white dog. $14.99, so overpriced but super soft fur and I couldn't resist Blossom. There was also a multipack of mini figures that annoyed me, because Sultan was in it and he's not sold separately that I know of. Yeah, this set:
I already have the blind bag minis I want, so the set is useless to me except for him. Even then, of all those, I only wanted (and have) the skunk.
-I wasn't paying attention to other Disney stuff.
-Barbie: Some Halloween ones.
-Pound Puppies: ARE BACK! They were pretty cute. I might get some.
-Puppy Surprise: IS ALSO BACK! I won't buy that, but it is back.
-Nixies Mermaids: I'd never seen these before.
They were pretty cute, but not something I need.

The most exciting thing for me at Target was the new Hearts For Hearts Girls! They didn't have the new characters yet, BUT they did have the packaging! Dell and Lauryce seem to be one per case, with 2 Mosi and 2 Consuelo. It's a great chance to pick up the older characters. Nyesha is featured on the packaging, but Surjan is not. Rest assured though, both will be made.

current mood: good

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Monday, August 4th, 2014
1:55 pm - In a hurry!

I'm in a rush, but new pics in Flickr!

Mittens 2

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1:43 pm - FS: Sweet Screams Abbey and Ghoulia

I have extras of Sweet Screams Abbey and Ghoulia. My mom bought two of each so I could pick between them. I thought I'd offer them here in case anyone wanted them.

Each $25.79 ($23.99 plus tax). Both $51.58. Plus shipping, of course, and I'm willing to debox for cheaper.

PicsCollapse )

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2014
9:58 am - Want listing again

Updated wantsCollapse )

Whew! I thought I was doing pretty well, but all this new stuff has me overwhelmed again. My purchase for this week was 3 of the Lalaloopsy Girls. Mittens, Pix E. and Jewel were on Amazon, so I grabbed them. They're showing up in Targets, so once mine finally resets, I'll be able to get Bea (the fourth deluxe one), basic Dot, Crumbs and Peanut, and hopefully the 2-pack. I'm not sure if the latter is out yet. I'll have a review of my three up when they get here. They haven't shipped yet, but hopefully soon.

The biggest surprise was the Winx Bloomix line. That's my current high priority, because I don't know if my TRU will get it more than once. We only got Believix Power once. I need all 6 of those girls, because I like the designs and because these will likely be the last American Winx dolls. Yeah, the dolls aren't nearly as awesome as the show designs, but the show designs are extremely intricate. Did anyone really expect them to be that accurate? I didn't. I hoped they were better than what we got, but the Jakks ones are still way better than the European ones.

And then I still need the new Sweet Screams duo, plus New Scaremester. I think I just want Twyla from that. Have Billy, don't need Catty or Gigi. We have the Manster pack in stock, but I don't really need it. Especially not for $35. Maybe if it goes on sale someday.

Lizzie should come in stock this week! So excited to finally get her!


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Friday, August 1st, 2014
5:29 pm - SDCC exclusives!

Cerise Wolf 1

Cerise Wolf, Manny and Iris in my Flickr. Not the best pics ever, but I've been up since 6 AM!

current mood: satisfied

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
10:55 pm - Zecora!

Zecora 4

I thought I was done with Equestria Girls, but I could not resist Zecora. And I will likely get that Photo Finish set. And I need the Photo Finish single pony, but can't order her just now.

Zecora. So damn badass!

current mood: pleased

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
3:14 pm - Follow Twyla to my Flickr!

Twyla 1

I finally got around to updating my photos! Lots to see!

current mood: accomplished

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Monday, July 28th, 2014
11:05 pm - SDCC and non-SDCC MH reveals

Now that SDCC is over and we had that explosion of doll reveals on the same day as 3 official new ones, I want to go over my thoughts on each new doll.

No pics. I'm too lazy to stop writing and give credit to each and every source. You know where to find the photos! Heh.

I'm really looking forward to Garrott. He's super cute with excellent hair and the best fashion sense on any boy yet. The Rochelle in this pack is also lovely. Her outfit is really just okay, but her hair is awesome.

The other stuff shown on the first day we've known about, so no mention.

Not the most exciting thing, but I'm glad she's on the tall body and she's really quite cool.


Great that she's on the short body and I love her color combination and outfit. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing pictures of the finished doll.

My surprise favorite! She's the creepiest doll in the entire MH line. I love the translucent limbs with bones underneath. I love that she's on the short body. I've always loved the CaM skeleton, which she resembles. I love her entire design!

An extremely well-designed doll except for the color aspect. She's highly reminiscent of Lagoona and Honey. And for someone with the last name of Doubloons, there isn't a single gold doubloon showcased on her outfit. I think the heel of the one shoe is a treasure chest, but that's not enough. Very pretty and I love the peg leg, but I wish she wold have had some rich browns, gold and maybe burgundy going on.

Love that they're using a poltergeist finally. Love that he's a funky green boy. Not my favorite boy, but I really like him.

I was more excited for her before I realized she's named after a real person. It's hard when you're (possibly...I'm not certain) modeling a doll after a person. I know people wanted an elaborate Japanese ghost and Kiyomi just kind there. Pretty, but easily the least interesting of the four.

Twyla is easily the standout here. She has a stunning retro feel. She's always gorgeous and I'm glad to see her in a bigger role. She's my current favorite character. Draculaura is cute and I'll get her, but she's nothing super special. Clawdeen is really neat. She stands out from the rest of the line with her color scheme. I'll lump Spectra in here. I didn't even save a picture of the playset. Not interested.

That Catrine is really pretty with her dark lipstick, but I'm not a huge fan of her, so I'll likely pass. Venus has fantastic shoes and hairband or whatever that is, but she's a rather boring doll otherwise. Is her head even shaved anywhere? Blah. Boolittle is the most tempting. I'm not a big fan of the straightened hair, but she's rather appealing and might come home with me.

Gigi is cuter upon second look. I like that she's going to the planetarium and has a spacy dress. I might get her. Clawdeen is a big disappointment. A paleontology theme and they stick her in her millionth mini dress? How dull! That would have been a cute opportunity for some dig-appropriate clothing. Toralei is smashing though. SHORT HAIR AGAIN YES. I love the colors and her outfit is simple, but very her. Definite buy!

If Lagoona's hair looks like this, I will get her. If it turns out to be looser waves, I will not. I LOVE this pictured hair and the outfit is simple, but cute. Draculaura has a gorgeous outfit, amazing shoes and an awesome headpiece. I'm not completely sold on the face. Is it me or does it look like they tried to make her appear Japanese? Her face looks off somehow. But I will likely get her. Marisol looks promising, but isn't as appealing as she could be. Her shoes are awesome and that skirt looks cool, but I'm not sold on the rest of the outfit. Her main plusses are the taller body AND it looks like she has BIG FEET! Squee! Her face is rather gaunt, which is interesting. I think I'm most put off by her colors though. That kind of puce shade of her body really does not go with all the neons. I want to love her, but I'm hoping the final doll is way more appealing.

I think that's it!

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Friday, July 25th, 2014
3:51 pm - Almost-post-SDCC want list

Okay, so SDCC isn't quite over yet. I can add more if the next two reveals are decent.

But I wanted to celebrate crossing the Coffin Bean trio, the 5-pack and Billy off my list.

Updated wantsCollapse )

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Friday, July 11th, 2014
5:24 pm - Even more Zelfs!

I found this promo photo of Manny the moose Zelf on a UK toy sales site:

Manny 1

I think this case might be like the original Teeny Genie, Flitter, Kitsu, etc. case. Lochlan was supposed to be part of that, but I don't think I ever saw him in that assortment. So maybe Manny is this series' Lochlan? Because none of the ebay sellers have him.

I also just watched this commercial for the bee treehouse and you can see several new Zelfs in it:

There's a neon green one that must be the garden sprite. Then the panda on the right. Up at the top of the treehouse is a pink/white/gold that must be the Cupid. I think the brown one on the left is the chihuahua and the yellow on the right is likely the duck. That leaves the bunny unseen.

Now we can watch this video and know some of who's there!

Sealia is in the case on the right at :14. Float is below her on her right. Manny is at :27 with Ty Foon right below. The yellow one next to Garny is probably the duck. Then the panda and chihuahua are below them. Cupid is by the panda. Dolly's on the bottom. Oh, here are some boxed ones! There's the rabbit. Pink. *sigh* Looks too much like Dorothy Doe for my liking. Pandela seems to be the panda's name, but I can't read the others. The art is so cute! Then the scented ones and now the new ones are everywhere. Yay.

And we've got almost everyone here identified:
The large alien is in the upper left and there are the bunny and chihuahua. How cute is that chihuahua? Squee!

What a great day.

current mood: happy

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3:36 pm - Zelftastic!

I decided to do a random ebay search to see if anyone else had the new Zelfs. To my shock, I saw Cloud listed for $13. The lowest price I've seen otherwise was $25.99. So I grabbed her. Then the same seller had Sealia. Grab. Dolly. Grab. Lullaby. Grab. And finally, TY FOON! GRABGRABGRAB! I'm so excited to get them all for a reasonable cost. Yeah, it's higher than retail, but did I mention my TRU never got the rest of Series 2? Overpaying is just what I'm going to have to do with the Zelfs. And $13 is not $40!

The seller also has great pics:

Ty isn't as exciting mold-wise as some of the others, but I love his colors and his markings. He's going to be friends with Lunanne. He's also Float's big brother!

I didn't notice her wings before! And her little cloud brows. She's adorable.

I still think she's colored a bit too much like Mermalade, but she's cute and I didn't notice her back fins before.

Lullaby is still my least fave from this set. I just don't get what unicorns have to do with dreams and why she's all pink and yellow. I think she could have had more unicorny features than just a tail and horn, too.

Dolly the goth moth! I love it! Look at that sweet face in the 4th picture. She's just the cutest!

This seller seems to constantly be relisting these at $13 apiece, so grab some! It's a great deal if you don't get regular Zelfs shipments in your area.

current mood: ecstatic

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