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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016
8:49 pm - Charlie Bears: Getting Organized V.4

With both Hubble and Shades purchased and plans for Marples as my tax return fun purchase, I need to reorganize my wishlist. Not including my pre-orders.

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3:00 pm - Three newbies

Dolce arrived yesterday:

 photo Dolce_zpschc9g1ru.png

He's adorable and tiny. More pics will be in Flickr shortly.

And I finally sold my Integrity Shana, so I had some extra money. I was going to put it towards a bear on ebay, but then I got a Valentine promotion email from BAMS. I get 16% off in rewards, a coupon for a future adoption and entry into some V-day prize raffles, so I ordered Hubble:

[ETA: My dumb ass deleted this photo while cleaning up my Photobucket. Sigh. Oh, well.]

He won't be sent until after the 16th, which is when the prize drawings are, but I'm okay with waiting a bit, since Dolce and Bray just arrived not long ago.

And then I deposited a check from my dad today and made a purchase of an older bear not on my previous wishlists. Meet SHADES.

 photo Shades 21_zpsm5jqyoxm.jpg

Spectacled bear! Hee. I love that he's a little cross-eyed.

I started doing my playline clearout and available items are in my personal journal right now, but will be posted here once I've gone through everything. I've got a few more shelves to sort.

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Sunday, February 7th, 2016
10:45 pm - So I've come to the decision...

...to cut back on playline, both buying new items and cutting some from my existing collection. The current state of playline does not make me happy and I doubt companies are going to miraculously produce better dolls and distribute them better, which are the two main issues I have, so I'm pulling back my involvement with playline, in hopes that will help me be happier with the hobby in general.

I don't have the time right now to go through everything, but my plans are to go through my storage dresser in my closet and mercilessly chop as much of it out as possible. Same with some of my shelves. I want to be able to move enough existing display items that I want to keep into the storage dresser to free up most of the bookshelf next to my bear shelf, because I know I'm going to fill that shorter bookcase super quickly. Bears make me happier than dolls right now by a long shot, so that's my goal.

As you all know, I have a shitload of stuff. There are some collections I enjoy that I won't be culling from. No Disney Fairies except maybe some mini dolls and that one fashiony Silvermist. I think I have an Iridessa with a ponytail I'm not super attached to either. Probably no Winx unless I part with some from the storage drawer. Star Darlings of course will stay intact and my BEGoths. But here is what I'm planning on really going through:

-Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (at the moment I'm thinking of only keeping Raquelle), probably some stuff from the 90s and 2000s (I like my 80s stuff), maybe some collector stuff
-The Shani trio (Bought on a whim and they're pretty, but not something I need.)
-My Scene
-Stardolls (I think I still have a couple)
-Bratz of all kinds and Bratzillaz. I'm probably selling my entire Fashion Pixiez set except maybe Lina. The Zillaz I'll keep more of, but not all. And I think I have a few Beach Novis I don't need.
-Sailor Moon stuff
-Probably all my Tokyo Mew Mew stuff
-Equestria Girls
-Fairy Tale High (maybe)
-Get Real Girls
-La Dee Da (maybe)

And we'll see what else turns up when I actually get started. But if there's something anybody wants, let me know. I'm not aiming to make a ton of money, just make some changes, but I still need fair prices.

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1:19 am - Yay

Bray and Oodles

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12:23 am - This is my Target.

Today I went to my store, knowing they had the Harley/Ivy/Bumblebee case. I honestly did not expect to leave with the dolls. I know how shitty the management at my store is. But I figured it was worth a shot. I asked the nearest employee and she looked it up and told me that they had three (Which begs the question: where are the other 3? Aren’t they 6 per case?) but something something about the 28th and it was possible I’d only be able to buy one. I was okay with that. One is better than none. She went to check with her manager and came back, saying, “She won’t even let me get it for you. They’ll go out on the 28th, so it’s fair for everyone, first come first served.”

Now this is actually not fair. It is not fair to everyone if you are a person who WORKS ALL FUCKING DAY ON THE 28th. There is no such thing as fair for everyone. There will always be people that are excluded in some fashion. It’s also not fair if some fucking scalper comes in at open and wipes the shelf clean. So don’t fucking talk to me about fairness.

This is very anti-collector language. Basically, the manager said “You’re an adult collector and your money isn’t as good as a parent’s so we’re going to try to fuck you over.” I know how these people operate and some of you might be thinking I’m paranoid, but no, this is actually the method of thinking for these managers. How do I know? Because not every goddamn Target does this. If I drive to the farther one (which also has them, but I do not have the time to go, being that this is the middle of my work week and I’m a fucking double tomorrow), they will likely not give me a problem. I have never had an issue getting anything from the back in that store, except one time they misplaced a case. That’s different.

I would not have an issue if they had said, “There’s a street date and they absolutely cannot be sold before then.” I would have argued that how are so many people getting them then? But I would have been more understanding of that. However, this whole issue of fairness is complete anti-collector bullshit.

It’s also completely illogical, because do you know who else can get DPCIs?


I shot off an angry email to corporate, not that it will do anything, but it makes me feel a teeny bit better.

I am just sick of my local store treating collectors like second class citizens. None of us are scalpers. It needs to stop.

On the plus side, Bray arrived today and Dolce should be here Monday.

current mood: pissed off

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Saturday, February 6th, 2016
1:06 am - So this is why I'm crabby.

I've been grumbly all day because of the DC Superhero Girls debacle. Basically, Target's been putting dolls out in some stores, but they're TECHNICALLY not supposed to be on shelves until the 28th. They ring up just fine though. But that means you can't get someone to get them from the back for you and the DPCIs I worked to get are now useless. My baby Harley has been found by these attention-whoring assholes who stole EAH photos from me and refused to give me credit when I politely asked for it, and of course they created yet another attention-whoring Facebook group for a line I sincerely doubt they give a shit about, when someone like me doesn't have the dolls. Me, who has loved Wonder Woman since I was a little girl. Me, who has loved Harley since she first appeared. But no, the dolly universe gives her to these horrible fuckwits that aren't even remotely good people. I was excited about the dolls at first, but upon finding out I'd have to wait 3 weeks to get them AT LEAST unless I begged people to help me did not make me happy. I grumbled on Tumblr and someone told me to "Relax, blah blah blah."

Here's a little tip. If you are "trying to be nice," as this person later bitched, NEVER START A SENTENCE WITH "RELAX." Unless you are literally giving instructions on how to relax. If you tell someone to relax, you AUTOMATICALLY SOUND CONDESCENDING. Condescension is the default tone for anything that begins with "relax."

So yeah, that irked me. But this whole situation would be tolerable if not for several things.

Playline has been obnoxiously frustrating this past year. Distribution is shittier than ever. Here are some reasons how:

1) Great Scarrier Reef is the big movie coming out next, right? So you'd think everywhere would have the dolls, right? WRONG. The only place in my area that got the basics, which are typically EVERYWHERE, was Big Lots. This is one of the few instances where I actually got the dolls, but you see my point, yes? Big Lots, the discount store, is the only place that got the basic line for the next big movie. That should tell you how weird distribution can be.

2) I have 4 Walmarts in the area. One of them is off-limits because it's the one my ex would go to if he was in town. It's also rather out of the way. Therefore, I refuse to set foot in it. Guess which is the only Walmart that's consistently gotten Walmart's exclusives. Yep. That one. Thankfully, the tide appears to be turning on this. I had to have help getting the Forest Pixies, because only this store got them, but now my most-frequented store has them. My store also got Dragon Games Poppy! First exclusive since the Wolf 4-pack. My current issue is finding GSR Draculaura though, because my friend got Clawdeen for me from the asshole ex store and got Laura for herself and the only other Laura had the hugest lip rub I've seen in years. I don't think they've restocked and the other stores don't have them AND they're never online, so I'm still Laura-less. I'm hoping this changes soon, because we have *gasp* an actual shelf sticker for the line now.

3) We are so inundated with Bratz Study Abroad that we never got the second line and I want Kumi really badly. My friend wants Meygan. And they're not available online.

4) Not an epic complaint, but where are Wishworld Sage and Cassie? I'd like Cassie's doll, even though her character took a dive in my opinion after reading her book, and Sage is the face of the SDs, so where are they? It's odd they're not out yet.

5) Oh, and Hasbro! The new Disney Princesses! Not that I want her, but only one store has the Tiana doll. And I've seen the Tiana Little Kingdom dress set only once and none of the Snow White sets at all. Yet we've got Frozen and Cinderella and Rapunzel out the ass.

And then there's the issue of quality:

1) TRU recently had a 20% off sale on MH and there are 2 new Fierce Rockers sets out. My store got in neither before the sale ended, which pissed me off, because both these sets contain characters that are horrible with eye wonk (Toralei, Clawdeen and Jinafire). I could have ordered the 3-pack online and then just held onto it to return when my store got it in and I could pick out one for myself and return the inevitably wonked one I'd be sent, but that's an ass pain. I'm not super pissed at my store for not getting them fast enough, I'm more angry at Mattel for producing these characters for YEARS and still not being able to get their eyes right. I picked out an upgrade GSR Toralei at Big Lots and I had SIX to choose from. Know how many were wonked? FIVE. 5/6! That's nuts! And I have yet to see a single Mira Shards or Bunny Blanc that have good eyes. Not one.

2) Also on the Mattel side, I received my new Fashionistas today and the curvy one with blue hair that I call Stormer was packaged with her glasses on her face. So now she has a permanent dent on the bridge of her nose, which is the entire reason I thought they'd stopped packaging dolls like this for.

3) I'm nervous about buying any new Bratz in dread of them having the glue hair my Meygan has.

4) I haven't personally had any issues except the crescent lip rub on my Sage that is actually badass, but apparently Star Darlings are frequently flawed, too. Someone I know posted a pic of the most wonky Scarlet ever and it pains me to look at it, even though he's a good photographer.

5) Even Madame Alexander's forays into playline are rife with problems. The joints on the Travel Friends are a crapshoot and my Travel Friends-size Snow White had a headband that fell apart and she's wonky. And this is from a quality company.

And also, this new habit of putting street dates on dolls is asinine. I understood it when it was the Hasbro princess stuff, because they were taking over a license from someone else and that's got legal issues written all over it. It was annoying, but it made sense. But on these DC dolls? Why do they have a strict street date? Get them out there so people can give you money! I hate knowing dolls are in a back room and I can't get them because of some dumbass reason that makes literally zero sense.

I don't know. I feel more and more lately that playline is more hassle than it's worth. I'm over the braggarts. I'm over the scalpers and high-priced dealers. I'm over the attention whores. I'm over the thieves. I'm over jiggly video reviews done by the first people to find something and they can't be bothered to take a still photo because all that matters is their Youtube blahbiddy blah. I'm over the needy people that ask you for a million favors but can't be bothered to help you in return. I'm over the same people finding everything first because they're apparently loaded with both money and free time. I'm over people who say they want to trade or buy then ignore you totally. I'm over the people who find things first providing absolutely NO USEFUL INFO. I'm just plain over it.

I love what I have. I'm just not sure how much longer I can handle the stress and unhappiness of dealing with the bad side of this. It's gotten a lot worse than it used to be and it's not that much fun anymore. It's fun when it's simple. When I pre-ordered my Star Darlings from Disney Store and when I was able to order the Wishworld ones from TRU, that was simple. When I was able to get Isi, Batsy, Melody, etc. on Amazon, that wasn't exactly simple, but it was still fun. Even ordering the new Fashionistas was simple and fun. I just wish I experienced both simplicity and fun on a more regular basis.

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Thursday, February 4th, 2016
2:35 am - Shelves are hard

I was all excited to set up my bear shelves today, but as Mom and I put the little unit together, I quickly realized the shelves were not the right height. I got Oodles to try it out and he couldn't sit up straight. So we dismantled it and I spent an annoyingly long time on Amazon, Walmart and Target, trying to find something else. The problem is that narrow bookcases don't have tall enough shelves. I finally decided to get the smaller unit Target has for $17.99. It's like my larger shelves I got from there, but with smaller dimensions. It's still longer than what I wanted, but my door doesn't open all the way anyway, because my purses hang on the back of it, so if it's permanently partway open a little more than it already was, oh, well. And the shelves are adjustable, so I can at least have two be big enough for bigger bears. I'm not sure if I can have all three that way, but two and the space on top of the case is enough. I can put the smaller bears on whichever shelf I make the shorter one. Not sure if I'm going to do the top, middle or bottom shelf as the one for shorter bears.

I'm looking forward to having that finished. Rain kept Mom and I from our errands, so we got a late start and I didn't get to work on my toy nets at all. I thought I was doing well with getting the shelf built, but that didn't work out, so all I've accomplished is a Star Darlings review. But at least I picked out a new shelf option and we just have to get it now. I can't leave the house until I get my DHL package, so we probably won't do anything til Friday. Unless I get out early tomorrow night. We'll see. I'm hoping the package comes earlyish. Not early enough to wake me up, but earlyish.

Ebay mails should be coming in soon, so I'm going to wander off. I wish Dolce would come tomorrow, but I haven't had any updates. And Bray is in pre-shipment. SIGH.

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
2:29 am - Yay and boo

-My Giochi Preziosi Flora in her outfit from Grounded has cleared customs in Cincinnati and is scheduled for delivery Thursday. I've never gotten DHL here before and I know it's the one service the office won't sign for, but I won't leave the house 'til 4ish, when I have to be to work and hopefully she arrives earlier than that. Otherwise, we'll leave a note on the door and Mom will come right back.

-Not sure where my other Italian lot is, but hopefully they arrive in a week or so.

-My Dolce made it through customs and left Flushing this afternoon. I'm really praying to the postal gods that he doesn't take a week-long detour into limbo like Axy did.

-Amazon is currently on my grump list. I specifically signed up for Prime to get better shipping on pre-orders and what do they do? Promise my books that came out today will be in my hands today and then FAIL. They'll be here tomorrow. I bitched and got a $5 credit, so I used it to pre-order Piper's book for a whopping 35-cent total. I will bitch every time they can't manage a proper delivery and maybe I'll end up barely paying for the rest of the Star Darlings run. Ha. Don't make release date promises if you can't handle keeping them.

-I've been trying and failing, or rather planning on trying, to save up for a new bear. Hubble is in various places, so him I'm not worried about, but I've had Bray on ebay watch for awhile and he sold yesterday! I wrote the seller, who runs a bear store, and asked if she had more and she listed another today. Mom paid for him and I'll just pay her back instead of saving up. I did want Hubble more, but Bray is harder to find and I need to make that my priority. There wasn't even a UK one available. So Oodles' cousin will be on his way soon. Maybe he and Dolce will arrive on the same day.

-I love How to Train Your Dragon, although I'm a bad fan and I've only seen the movie, not the series. But I adore Ruffnut and I've always been pissed she never got a toy. Well, I ebayed her randomly and learned there's a bootleg set from China that has her in it! I paid $14.95 to get it from a US seller and they arrived a couple days ago. The quality is kinda bad but not as bad as I was expecting. I only want to keep her though. I'll probably thrift the others. She was horribly wall-eyed, so I fixed her up with a Sharpie. Not my usual method, but good enough for a bootleg figure with little eyes.

-My tall Asian Fashionista shipped, though she's not in the UPS tracking system yet.

-I just backed Galaxy Bats!
I always wanted one of those.

-I'm pretty well into Winx again and I've been writing my summaries for winx_club like in the old days.

-I need to get going on my plushie organization project again. I got seven more nets yesterday. One of mine broke, so I needed a replacement and I'm hanging up 6 more. A lot of my plushies are currently organized in bags and I need to organize the rest of Plushie Mountain like that, then move all the bags out of the way to hang the nets. That's going to be tomorrow. Then next week when I'm off again, all Mom and I have to do is move the bags and get on the ladder to put the selected ones in the nets. Then I can buy a shelving unit for my bears and move my trade boxes into my closet (most of which is currently being taken up my plushies waiting to be part of this organization).

I think that's about it!

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Sunday, January 31st, 2016
12:41 am - Dolls for bears

I got home a bit early, so I put up some stuff on ebay, because sales are my only hope of getting more bears soon.

I listed Integrity Jem Astral (who was an LE of 500 and if she sold properly, would get me enough money for TWO bears), a small lot of Integrity Jem stands, Techrat's computer and my leftover Happy Meal Shopkins. I also have Disney VIP Cece, Rocky and Hannah up from a couple days ago. Hoping for some sales! I really want a new bear sooner rather than later.

I'm inundated with Ever After High stands, but no one seems to need those. I'll likely do a giant lot of modern playline stuff next week to clear out a chunk of my sales box.

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Friday, January 29th, 2016
12:43 am - Squee! 2016 pre-orders in!

After examining the 2016 Charlie Bears catalog and then seeing prices on BAMS, I chose 6 to pre-order for the year. I guess there's no way of knowing when they're expected. Hopefully not all at once! Although layaway is also an option.

I'm getting...

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
9:20 pm - Argh

2016 Charlie Bears info was supposed to be out three hours ago. The site is not updated. I just wanted to see some bears tonight, dammit.

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Sunday, January 24th, 2016
2:46 am - Waiting for ebay emails to arrive = wish list update

I like to look at my ebay emails before I go to bed and they just now started to come in as I'm typing this, but I'm finishing this post first now, dammit.

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It is blissfully short. Yay.

The nice lady I bought Oodles from is trying to find me a Dolce. She gave me the name of a lady on Facebook that has one, so I messaged her, but I haven't gotten a reply. If I haven't heard anything by Tuesday, I'll write my lady again and see if she can write her for me. I also told her I have a Howie available if she runs into anyone that's looking. I like my Howie, but we've not bonded like I did with my others. I bought him kind of on a whim because he reminded me a little of Dolce and now if I get Dolce, I'll really ignore poor Howie. I'm already ignoring him in favor of the other 3 and it's only going to get worse from here.

I got outbid on Smudge, but I'm happy about it, because I'm pursuing Dolce instead. Hubble also went off sale, so I have no idea who my next bear will be. Technically, it should be Bray, because he's the least available, and now he's cheaper than Hubble. We'll see next week. This week, I'm concentrating on securing that Dolce.

Okay, ebay and then bed. Woo.

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Thursday, January 7th, 2016
12:38 am - Wishlisting

It's been a long time.

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I have a lot of incomings that are kind of all over the place. The shitty state of my Booksamillion had me join Amazon Prime yesterday, after being horribly disappointed that they didn't get the new Star Darlings books in.

So from Amazon, I got:
-3 Star Darlings books
-AGotY Lea's pair of books
-Equestria Girls Amethyst Star (super cheap for $6)
-Madame Alexander Pixie Doodles Misty Green, Sizzling Tangerine and a red dress pack (These were massively cheap at $5.68, $4.75 and $2.58.)
-The newest complete Peanuts 2-pack of books.
-Never Girls 11
-National Geographic's Guide to the World's Supernatural Places

I had a recent desire for more Mooshka, so I bought Princess Palia on clearance from Target.

From ebay, I won a Lisa Frank fairy beanie plush.

I ordered Funko Cheese Sandwich and MAUD PIE from Hot Topic last night.

Disney Store shipped my Animators Collection Lilo and plush toddler Mulan.

And A Girl for All Time Sam should be here Friday.

The Amazon packages all say Friday, but they all left the GA location that usually brings them right here the next day. My two Madame Alex pixies will definitely be here tomorrow, as they're coming UPS, but I'd love it if I got just crazy packages tomorrow.

I had a couple bad days at work Sunday and Monday, was pretty down on Tuesday, and then had to call out last night (Wednesday), because my stomach decided to be screwy and I didn't want to puke at work. I'm off today and Friday, so some nice mail would be a good feel better/pick me up.

My Backyard Beach Bash Meygan's hair is not fixable. I even boiled it and it's still clumpy/slightly greasy. I emailed MGAE about it and got a throwaway reply, but was shocked when they called me last night. This nice guy is trying to get me a replacement doll, but the warehouse is having issues finding one. He called me again today, saying that he hadn't heard from them and would call me again tomorrow. I said that I'd happily accept a Study Abroad Kumi if they couldn't find Meygan, but they probably don't have any of the new lines. So we'll see what happens there, but kudos to them for contacting me properly and trying to help, as opposed to their initial blowoff response.

That's about it!

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Friday, January 1st, 2016
11:57 am - Hasbro Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas

Hasbro 2015 Pocahontas 1

Photos of the new style princesses in Flickr!

I'm going back to bed now.

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Friday, December 25th, 2015
3:49 am - EAH Ranking Redo

Back in October, I amused myself by ranking the EAH signatures. Now I'm going to amuse myself by reranking them based on how I currently feel.

Worst to Best:
Darling (Darling fell a spot because her Dragon Games doll makes the sig look even worse)
Farrah (Farrah climbed several spots higher, because I really liked her in Fairy's Got Talent.)
Faybelle (And both Faybelle and Farrah pushed ahead of Rosa for that same reason.)

Just goes to show how a book can sway my opinion. I really like Farrah now. Although as much as the book talked about wings, discussing Faybelle's in particular in detail, I wish it had explained how Farrah's wings even work. They're pretty, but how do they work? I would have guessed they were ornamental, but the events of the book prove otherwise.

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
3:17 am - Global Friends!

I took a bunch of Global Friends pictures, including the entire catalog except the front and back covers and useless opening pages.

2015 Aziza 1

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Sunday, December 20th, 2015
12:54 am - Spendathon

Whew, I've spent quite a bit, since I sold another Jem doll. Just Shana left on ebay and I need to get Regine listed.

I got my Monchhichi Grumplin today. A bit of age wear, but definitely in good shape for one of these. They're on the rare side, so I can deal with a bit of missing paint on nose, tooth and cheeks.

Still incoming:
-Squishable Peppermint
-4de MLP Dr. Whooves and open wing Twily
-Descendants Freddie and Jordan (yeah, with the sale of Danse, I was able to buy both dolls and both ponies!)
-Zelfs Crystal So-Anne (Got her cheap on ebay. Only $10 with free shipping! This line never made it to the US. I still need Angelala and Sugar Bunny, but they're not high priority.)
-Pokemon Sableye plush
-Dixie's Diner Frankie
-Groovy Girls Marissa
I bought the green and yellow ones. Someone else got the orange or I would have gotten that instead of the yellow. I plan on keeping the green with my collection and putting the yellow one on my purse.
-Bratz Hello Raya and Study Abroad Cloe as Amazon add-on items for less than $6 each

I had pre-ordered the new EAH book, but it hadn't even shipped yet, so I bought it tonight at BaM, then was able to cancel my order and reorder the other items plus the Bratz add-ons. I also got the new Raspberry Torte single at TRU. Mom put her under the tree for me, since my other presents aren't there. Amarea was my main gift and I deboxed her right away. And I have two of the smaller new Popples on order from Walmart, coming site to store, but they haven't even shipped yet. They're supposed to be here Monday, but I kinda don't think I'm even getting the order filled. Both have been removed from the site, along with almost all the other Popples items. :/ Sigh.

Doing mostly okay. I had a rough day at work yesterday that just wore me out physically. Tonight was much better. But tomorrow's my double, so I'll be getting to sleep soon.

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015
3:18 pm - New AG!

We have some book art for the new American Girl historical character. Meet Melody Ellison!

 photo Melody 1_zpsya3xphef.jpg

The dress. I might need her. I definitely need that dress.

Not sure of the original source, since this person talks about the back of the book, which we don't see here.

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3:18 am - What should I buy this week?

I have one bill to pay, a payment to make on my Aahmas layaway, a payment for an auction I won (my Dixie's Diner set is now complete!), and I owe my friend some money/a trade (if I can find what she wants) for getting me the EAH pixies. But I should still have enough for two things.

The question is which two?

I want these:

 photo Whooves_zps6upt0tft.jpg

 photo Twilyopenwings_zpszhm3vfox.jpg

But I also want these:

 photo Freddie_zpsdjsc3qst.jpg

 photo Jordan_zpset2o6pkq.jpg

I could mix and match and order Freddie and either Twily or Whooves, but I think I'd rather only deal with one international package coming instead of eventually two. So it's either both ponies or both dolls. The dolls would take longer to get here, but the ponies should be here pretty quickly. I'm leaning toward the ponies, since I'd honestly much rather buy the dolls complete and brand new, but I don't want to wait for them to come out that way if it's not going to be soon. Yeah, I think I'll get the ponies this week and I can order the dolls next week. That sounds good.

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Monday, December 14th, 2015
2:26 am - RANKING: American Girl

I'm restless and not quite ready for bed yet, so sometimes orderly things like this help me get sleepy.

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