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Sunday, November 22nd, 2015
1:46 am - Go fund Yuna!

I put in my $40 pledge!


She looks amazing and I'd love to see more. Watch the little video and look at the line-up of possible friend dolls!

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Thursday, November 19th, 2015
1:55 am - Updatin'

Nov 2015 Cinderella 1

Loads of new stuff in Flickr that I have totally forgot to link to here.

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You know, that is blissfully small and the DCSG and the rest of Star Darlings won't be 'til spring probably. Thank the gods. I need a break! I need to give Mom some money, buy her Christmas stuff, commission a doll on etsy from an artist I've been following since before vacation, and save for Sam. And there has been a lot of great stuff on ebay lately. I got Millennium Ball Aisha for only $25 shipped from Italy! She's a fixer-upper, but still. I hope Amarea comes soon, too.

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Thursday, November 12th, 2015
1:27 pm - Thinking about selling some of my Integrity Jems

I have a lot of the Integrity Jem line and I have no real attachment to several of them. The vintage dolls will always be my fave Jem dolls. I thought I'd put out some feelers here and see if anyone was interested before I throw them on ebay.

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
8:30 pm - Dolly Pet Peeves

Dolly Pet Peeve: When people bitch that clothing on dolls is "painted on" like it's some universal term. Sometimes it is painted on (most frequently: panties), but most of the time, the dolls they're bitching about have legs or gloves that are not "painted." They are molded in a different color plastic. That ain't paint, kids.

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Monday, November 9th, 2015
1:53 am - RANKING: Monster High Dolls

Because I am nuts, I am doing this. It is not easy.

Unlike my EAH ranking, I'm not just looking at sigs. I'm looking at the combined efforts for each character, so if their sig isn't that great and their later dolls are, they can still rank high. (Yes, Gigi, I'm looking at you.)

This also isn't just dolls. It's a blend of doll and character. Admittedly, I haven't seen Boo York yet (maybe Tuesday), so I'll be judging those girls on dolls alone.

I no longer have the MH version of Cupid, so I'm not including her. She's done so much better in EAH than MH. Just figure she would have been near the bottom of the heap.

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Sunday, November 8th, 2015
10:29 pm - Dare I?

Dare I try to make a ranking list of MH dolls? By character, but in general, not limited to sigs. I think I just may.

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Thursday, November 5th, 2015
10:41 pm - Incoming

My Fairest on Ice Duchesses and replacement toddler Pocahontas plush both left GA today, so that usually means they'll get to the post office tomorrow and be in my hands on Saturday.

Amarea hasn't shipped yet, but she's coming from Italy, so that'll be awhile.

Flara hasn't shipped yet, but she's supposed to be here by Monday.

Sugarcoat and Indigo haven't shipped yet either. They're the rather wide range of Mon-Fri.

I ordered the last two Disney Attractionistas tonight. Both look really cute.

I love the green skin, orange braids and her entire outfit. And her pet is super cute.

Carrie is beautiful, too. Her dress is a bit cheap-looking, but I love the doll herself. She uses Gracey's mold, which obviously I love, and she looks like a slightly more human Abbey.

I also picked up the old 2006 Holly Hobbie Amy doll. I always liked Amy, but I bought Carrie instead and could never find an Amy with good eyes. They tended to be a bit off center. But this one's eyes looked good to me and she was only $19.99 plus shipping. Of course, Carrie didn't get to move down here. I can't remember if I sold or donated her, but I might pick her up again if I really like Amy when she arrives. I always did like Carrie and even Holly, who is oddly REALLY expensive, but Carrie didn't really fit in with my other dolls, hence her being rehomed/donated. But with Amy here, I could get her back.

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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
9:56 pm - MINE

Amarea is mine! Now I just need Coralia and Kalia. And eventual upgrades for Nesia, Tala and Talassia if I so choose.

Merry early Christmas to me!

current mood: happy

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8:38 pm - YES

So Mom was going to give me the money for an auction of Giochi Enchantix Winx dolls from a US seller and make Bloom and Musa my Christmas present while I sold the rest. I didn't win the auction, because my competitor had endless disposable income and the most obnoxious bidding style I've ever seen.

But I just found something much better and I'm going to ask Mom for permission to BIN when she comes home from work.

She's not better than the Star Darlings, per se, but she is much, much, MUCH harder to find by a long shot, so I'd rather have this.

current mood: excited

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6:44 pm - Minor buying plans

Welp, I'm getting my first full paycheck since vacation on Friday, so yay. Most of it's going toward bills, but I ordered Motocross Sugarcoat and Indigo Zap off Amazon today and managed to snag a retail-priced Flara Blaze last night, so I'm happy about those. And Disney Store finally got the last two Attractionistas in, so those will be ordered Friday. That's about it for the week, but it's good to cross a couple things off the list.

I've been watching the Justice website like a hawk. Mom's going to get me the Star Darlings for an early Christmas gift.

Also been watching Amazon since who knows when the new stuff will start popping up?

I signed up to do the Squish Swap!
Because it sounds like fun.

My two Fairest on Ice Duchesses shipped today and so did my replacement toddler Pocahontas.

All in all, pretty good. I've had a rough couple days at work and today, I'm struggling with a PMS headache (joy), so I'm not up for too much, but I made some Equestria Girls icons and now I'll probably go read. Got the new Stephen King! His short stories are so awesome.

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Friday, October 30th, 2015
1:28 pm - YetiSam is finally here!


My YetiSam finally made it! He went from customs in NYC to MA for no good reason whatsoever, then took 3 days to get back to NYC and another 3 to finally get to me, but he’s here and I’m happy.

Although I wish I’d ordered Mabel the llama at the same time, because now I’m going to have to worry about her wandering off to MA, too. *groan* Oh, well.

I’m going to scan his booklet when I get home tonight. His story is up on the official site, but it lacks several pages of the cute art the booklet has.

current mood: relieved

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Thursday, October 29th, 2015
1:34 am - New photos in Flickr!

Hanging monkeys 2

Including the Saga of the Hanging Monkeys.

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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
1:00 pm - Feeler...

Coquina 3

I am contemplating selling Coquina. The roseskin are sold out on the website now.

She was bought on a whim and I'm really not bonding with her. I'd love it if she went to someone I knew, but I might ebay her if no one here wants here. She's basically brand new. I only put her eyes in and took these photos. She's sat by Alabaster and the Rosette girls ever since. I still have all her packaging stuffs.

I paid $220 for her, but since she's sold out, I'd like $250-$300 plus Priority shipping and insurance.

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12:40 pm - Mails yay

Today: Batrice from Build-a-Bear, Frizzys Jips from Amazon

Tomorrow: Just Grrlz Katelyn from ebay, likely Mops, Lola and Tang from Ty Store

Maybe Saturday: Toddler Pocahontas from Disney Store

I have a plush coming from PA that should be here somewhere in between. Maybe Friday? And my Nici yeti still says NYC, so I have no idea when that is coming, but it better be soon. This is ridiculous. Zombear and Concerned Pony and Friends haven't shipped yet. (ETA: No, wait, Zombear just now shipped.)

I am bidding on a set of Giochi 10" Enchantix Winx NRFB from a US seller. I have no real hope of winning, but it would be amazing. I mean, even $120 is only $20 apiece and I can't afford that. All I need are Bloom and Musa, so I'd sell the other 4. Oh, well. If I lose, I lose. They're $51 right now and end on Halloween.

When I get the chance to catch up on pictures, possibly after work tonight, I will tell the saga of the rainbow monkeys.

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12:11 am - New DCSG webisode!

There's a new DC Superhero Girls webisode up on the site, as well as a downloadable preview of the book coming out in March. I read it and it's quite cute. This girl in my icon is named Frost, not Ice. Unless that gets changed in the final version of the book. But for now, I'm calling her Frost.

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Sunday, October 25th, 2015
10:23 pm - Grab box for sale!

I am looking to clear out a lot of my sale/trade box, the majority of which is pictured on vvd_sales. I will fit as much of that as I can, plus at least two unpictured surprise dolls, into a box. I was going to do a flat rate box, but I think I can get the shipping cheaper if I do regular Priority.

I might even have enough stuff to do two boxes.

So yeah, one grab box will be $25 plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested and I'll throw it together. :)

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Saturday, October 24th, 2015
12:25 am - Ugh, people

One more thing, which I put in a separate post, since it's not a corporate complaint.

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12:03 am - Check and check

I had a slight backlog of emails I wanted to send out. One will wait for tomorrow, as it's about the rental house we had and it's going to be quite the long email. But tonight I wrote:

1) Mattel and complained about how crappy the availability of the Fairest on Ice line is. There is not one source where you can buy these for retail. They're in some Walmarts, but not any of mine. And I have 3 nearby. Walmart.com has them in stock...for THREE different prices, the cheapest of which is $35.49. How in the hell is Walmart price-gouging DOLLS?! Amazon only has them from 3rd party. Even the goddamn Mattel Shop does not have them. I just want my damn Duchess and I've been waiting for her for fucking months and my store is probably never getting her in. This is bullshit.

2) Frances @ A Girl for All Time. I wanted to give some feedback on the Your Modern Girl line they're planning, and mention my concerns about how Sam in particular's outfit pieces are being sold. Matilda and Amelia were perfect outfit-wise, but starting with Clementine, the shoes are sold separately from the outfit they go with. That's part of what kept me from buying Lydia's party dress, even though it's perpetually on my want list. Because I have to spend $17 buying her shoes, which come with a hat I don't even want. And now Sam, the new 60s girl, has 2 separate outfits. One is an adorable black dress and purse that she pairs with white go go boots and white stockings. The go go boots are of course sold separately. The dress and purse are together. Where are the white stockings? With the orange sweater from a completely different outfit! Then I'd have to buy the skirt and cape for the orange top, which are worn with the white boots and her orange stockings from the stock outfit. The black dress, purse and white stockings should be sold together or at least the stockings should be with the boots. Not with a piece from an entirely different outfit. And the orange top should be with the skirt and cape. So I expressed my dissatisfaction with having to save basically twice. I'll never have enough money for all of it at once, so I'll save for Sam, order, then save again for all the outfit pieces. SIGH.

I was going to write One World Doll Project, too, but I never got an answer the second time, so why write a third time? I do want to know if the outfit packs pictured on Walmart.com actually come that way, but who knows if I'd get an answer? My curiosity may get the best of me once I have spare money again. But seriously, $15.99 each is so painful. Argh.

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Friday, October 23rd, 2015
9:31 pm - I LOVE THEM!

Tweens group shot

Hana and Alexie are here! Loads more pics in Flickr. I'll catch up with other pics another day. I wanted to focus on them today.

Walmart.com also has fashion packs up for them, but at $15.99 and with me loving their stock clothes, I don't think I'm going to order them. I might get the rockstar one. If they were $9.99, I'd probably get them all, but $15.99 is a lot!

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12:25 am - Incoming!

I have several things incoming and none of them are dolls. Heh. Shocking!

-Meowchi Vampire Bat: Should be here in tomorrow's mail or Saturday's at the latest.

-Nici Yeti Sam: Has arrived in customs in NYC! I'd love to get him Saturday, but I'm not counting on it. Hopefully early next week.

-Vamplets Evilyn Nocturna: USPS estimates Monday arrival.

-Frizzys Jips via Amazon: Fedex from IL. Hasn't started moving yet, so no estimate.

-Frizzys Zeezee via ebay: Estimated Monday.

-Frizzys Lola, Mops and Tang: Not yet shipped.

-This guy: Not yet shipped. Just bought him today.

-Build-a-Bear Bat: Not yet shipped. Just bought her today.

I will probably order Toddler Pocahontas from the Disney Store this week. Not yet though. I'm watching a couple things on ebay.

Tomorrow after we get home and unpack, we'll be running down to Walmart and I can pick up Hana and Alexie! I can't wait to see if they've changed from their promos.

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